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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen south Australia scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine now many young people choose to rural building a house, because the countryside fresh air, very lively, but the rural building or want to know some knowledge. So, what are below small make up for the share of rural construction step, and what rural construction should pay attention to. A what are the rural construction, rural construction steps steps are as follows: 1, the evidence: the need to apply for planning permission, without the certificate, belong to the illegal construction. 2, pay-off: prepare the way for building's foundation, to meet the overall building planning. 3, foundation: before laying the foundations for exploration, and then play the ground beam, environmentalists built the foundation through the fence. 4, the main body: use steel, bamboo frame, make body. 5, decorate: know yourself, don't know find decorate company, pay attention to the water and electricity, masonry and wood. 2, 1, rural construction should pay attention to what the wall wall belongs to the bearing and the structure of the house, exterior wall with scaffolding left in the hole, we have in front of the painting holes use brick wall, and then using cement mortar for paint, otherwise easy to appear water seepage phenomenon. Build by laying bricks or stones wall to horizontal flat vertical, mortar is full, can't have holes. 2, constructional column and the constructional column frame column can strengthen the integrity and seismic capacity of the house. Frame column is to bear the load of beam, the vertical support structure. There is difference between the two, to frame column and concrete structure together, constructional column is a good secondary wall build by laying bricks or stones, such as cast. 3, simply supported beam, beam frame beam longitudinal force of reinforcing steel bar is placed under the beam, frame beam longitudinal stress reinforced in support position, at the top of the beam. Construction, it is important to pay special attention to the longitudinal stress reinforced location, used the wrong position, avoid the material cause potential safety hazard, or is a waste. 4, cast-in-place floor slab thickness generally in more than 10 cm, distributed need cloth in the underlying steel and surface reinforcement. Board reinforced place, want to pay attention to top and bottom plate reinforced even, according to the design space to place. Article summary: the above is the small make up for what share of the rural construction steps, as well as rural construction should pay attention to what the related content, the hope can give to everyone to help. You can refer to the above content, build a belongs to own rural villa, not the same as the quality of life. Shenzhen south Australia scaffolding
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