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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen SunGang scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine sussing out cost is refers to the housing construction cost, short for housing facilities installation costs, is real estate in the development of calculation was needed to build before good, easy to calculate the cost of good sussing out to purchase materials of construction, the nature of the house decorate a budget is almost, so take a cost calculation formula is what? Let below small make up together to get to know and have a look. A, take a cost calculation formula is what take a cost calculation formula: take a cost = house building materials and artificial cost + installation of equipment and labor costs, and the construction of houses and installation of total housing facilities, including the foundation, water and electricity engineering, main structure, walls, doors and Windows, security, water supply and drainage materials, artificial aspects such as the cost of investment. 2 what real estate construction, real estate construction costs include costs are usually calculated according to the construction of square meters, including the pile foundation engineering, steel, concrete, masonry, plastering works, wall engineering stone or curtain wall, indoor water and electricity installation engineering, roof, doors and Windows engineering, earthwork, enter-door, flue, public place decoration engineering, basement, elevator engineering, labor, templates, support, scaffolding, etc. Will also involve the tower crane, construction machinery inputs such as cargo elevator, elevator, living quarters, office, warehouse, roads and other temporary facilities, as well as water, electricity, sewage, production houses and other temporary facilities in the scene, in addition to test, test, transportation, procedures, communication and other fees, management fees, of course, the contractor, materials, labor insurance premium, turned over to the state of various taxes and fees, design cost, advertisement cost, supervision, planning, sales agency fee, tooling plant, land tax, upfront fee and so on all is little not. Edit summary: so that's what about take a cost calculation formula is introduced, and hope to give you some small make up to share the content of the reference, if you want to learn more relevant knowledge, to focus on our Dr Ladder network information. Shenzhen SunGang scaffolding
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