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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Shenzhen waves scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine steel pipe scaffold erection specification including the material of steel pipe and specification, the material of fasteners and specifications, scaffolding material and specifications and the requirements on the installation of safety net. Below we specific to know about the steel pipe scaffold erection specification. What steel pipe scaffold erection specification 1 and the material of steel pipe and conform to the commonly used specifications GBT00 ordinary carbon structural technical conditions of technical requirements of A3 steel, flat and smooth appearance, no crack, delamination, distorted, make hole section and corrosion degree is less than 0. 5 mm steel pipe, it must be the manufacturer's quality certificate or rental unit quality assurance certificate. All fasteners shall be preferred 48 mm outside diameter, wall thickness, 3 - 3. 5 mm of welded steel pipe used for stud, the ledger and diagonal steel tube to length 4. It is advisable to 5 m for small bar steel pipe length with 2. 1 - 2. It is advisable to 3 m. 2, the material of fasteners and specifications fastener is specially for the bar to steel pipe scaffold for connection, it has the same turn right ( Cross) And docking, One word) Three forms, fasteners should be malleable cast iron, its technical requirements shall be met GB15831 'steel pipe scaffold fastener' regulation, it is forbidden to use deformation, crack, oil silk, sand holes and other ills of fasteners are not allowed to sustain tension along axis direction; The right-angle fastener forbid along the cross axis under torsion; Docking fastener is unfavorable and sustain tension, when used in vertical nodes, the only allowed under pressure, fastener bolt tightening torque should be controlled in 40 - 50 nm, using the right Angle and rotary fasteners, fastening, steel pipe end, should extend fastener cover plate edge, no less than 100 mm, the fastener grip the pole, the opening minimum distance not less than 5 mm, rotating fastener clearance at both ends of the rotating surface needs to be less than 1 mm. 3, scaffolding material specifications wooden planks should be used and the thickness of not less than 50 mm pine or pine board, plate width should be 200 - 10-300 - mm end also application 14, galvanized iron wire tie to prevent craze, decayed, bug eat by moth, twisted, broken, and shall not be used with large cross section of wood. Bamboo scaffolding can be divided into bamboo basketry scaffold board and bamboo scaffolding, bamboo basketry scaffold board is made of flat belt everyouth bamboo woven, each bamboo width not less than 30 mm, thickness of less than 8 mm, one against one edge is vertical and horizontal transverse steel reinforcement intersection points, tied with wire, sheet length for 2 - commonly 2. 5 mm, width of 0. 8 - 1. 2 m, bamboo scaffolding is bolted to pull side made of bamboo and connection, 8 - bolt diameter 10 mm, span - 500 Only 600 mm, the first bolt plate end which is 200 - Length 250 mm, generally is 2 - 2. 5 mm, width is 250 mm, thickness is generally not less than 50 mm. Every bug eat by moth, brittle, loose bamboo scaffolding shall not be used. 4, the installation of safety requirements ( 1) The width of the flat screen shall not be less than 3 m, set net height shall not be less than 1. 2 m, each net weight should not be commonly more than 15 kg. ( 2) When installation, on the department of each node, rope and supports ( Frame) By tightly, and use a separate lashing even pull, department of nodes are distributed along the network edge, the distance shall not be greater than 75 cm, nodes should comply with the knot is convenient, connection strong and easy to open it, the principle of force not out after. ( 3) Installing a flat screen, need to abide by the following rules. A, install flat screen should be parallel to the horizontal plane or outside the observed low, generally with 15 ゜ advisable. B, network load height is generally not more than 6 m ( Including 6 m) Due to the need of construction. Allow more than 6 m, but not more than 10 m, the largest absorption and must be attached to the frame of steel rope, etc. High security load 5 m ( Including 5 m) The following, network should be at least out of buildings ( Or the edge of the operating point) 2. 5 m, load more than 5 m to 10 m high, should be at least 3 m. C, network installation shoulds not be tense, recommended width of 3 m and 4 m net, the width of the horizontal projection of 2 respectively after installation. 5 m and 3. 5m。 D, mesh and its minimum distance on the surface of the object should not be less than 3 m below. Conclusion: construction safety should not be ignored, the safety of the scaffold builders of security and passers-by, so you should be careful when installation, will be no neglect. More than a simple introduction about steel pipe scaffold erection norms is here now, hope to help you. More information, in Dr Ladder network, stay tuned. Shenzhen waves scaffolding
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