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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen xili scaffolding telephone: how much is 18420150310 alpine 2019 rural construction cost budget about two hundred thousand rural construction cost budget, including the following fees: 1, tear open wall: 45 yuan/square meters; 2, wood workers labor: 35 - plasterboard condole top 120-40 yuan/square meters, do chest 150 yuan/square meters; 3, brush the painters handling: 14 - emulsioni paint 16 yuan/square meters; 4, stick the floor tile of wall of labor charge, the specification is more than 300 by 300, according to 30 yuan/square meters valuation; 5, wall brick, waist line to 15 yuan/meters artificial cost. Since the building what problem need to pay attention to a 1, moistureproof, foundation: concrete structure itself is moistureproof effect, don't need to do moistureproof processing. Within the building foundation, wall feet parts should set continuous moistureproof layer to isolate groundwater capillary permeability, avoid damage in wall body be affected with damp be affected with damp. 2, waterproof practice: can use waterproof concrete, coiled material waterproof, waterproof coating, waterproof cement mortar on the ground do processing. 3, insect ant practice: in front of the backfill soil and overhead board before the need for medication, pay attention to waterproof moistureproof and waterproof, prevent loss of drug. According to the construction progress, flexible use, for the basis of underground water level is higher, can from set out actually, raise levels of medication, dose is controlled properly. Second, the wall outside the wall outside scaffolding Rachel left hole, you must wait for hole brick wall in front of the painting, and then painted in cement mortar, otherwise the parts easy to water penetration. Three, beam and frame beam longitudinal simply supported beams with steel placed at the bottom of the beam, frame beam longitudinal stress on the upper beam, reinforced in the bearing are in the cross area placed at the bottom of the beam. Site construction, the need to pay attention to the placement of longitudinal reinforced position, to prevent the material in the wrong place, cause potential safety hazard. Four, the timing of the demolition of cast-in-place structure template support cast-in-place structure template support must be in the cast-in-place reinforced concrete reaches a certain intensity can be dismantled and cast-in-site reinforced concrete cantilever structure typically up to 100% can be dismantled. Shenzhen xili scaffolding
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