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by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
Shenzhen xili scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine activity is often used on a scaffold in construction engineering, in terms of the general of architecture, however, refers to the construction site in construction, interior decoration, or higher storey height can't directly the building. While the activity of scaffolding can help the workers in the construction process of free and flexible mobile body, and highly can also free stretching, and in the assembly and disassembly is very convenient. So, small make up to introduce the next activity scaffold construction scheme and scaffolding demolition method. Activities scaffold construction plan, project overview: 1, the size of the plane of the building, layer, layer, total height, building area, structure, geological conditions and time limit for a project; Scaffold outside the scheme selection, etc. 2, compilation basis, 1) The construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications 'JGJ 130-2001 - J (84-2001 The 2002 edition) ( 2) 'Building construction safety inspection standards' JGJ (59-99. 3) Geological investigation report, 4) This project construction drawing 2, 1, determine the scaffolding steel pipe scaffold design, fasteners, scaffolding, and even the wall materials; 2, determine the scaffold structure size, height and foundation treatment scheme shall be built; Step 3, determine the scaffold from the relative position, poling horizontal distance, bar; 4, determine the erection location of bracing and requirements; 5, to determine the wall connection, distance; 6, to determine the upper and lower construction operation channel set mode and position; 7, block set foot. 3, 1, determine the design calculation and mapping the scaffolding, construction scheme and design calculation diagram; 2, determine the scaffold design load, 4. Article 1, 4. Article 2 and 4. Article 3) ; 3, poling foundation bearing capacity calculation, 5. Article 5) ; 4, longitudinal and transverse horizontal pole of flexural member strength and connection fasteners (sliding bearing capacity analysis 5. Article 2) ; 5, poling stability and poling period of axial force calculation, 5. Article 3) ; 6, even the wall of strength, stability, and the connection strength calculation ( 5. Article 4) ; 7, formwork support rod stability and poling period of axial force calculation, 5. Article 6) 。 4, construction organization and management: 1, erection of scaffolding shall have corresponding qualifications of professional construction team construction; Determine the construction unit should be clear head and full-time security officer at the same time. 2, scaffolding, staff must be after according to the current national standard 'special operations personnel safety technical appraisal management rules GB5036 examination qualified scaffolder. 3, mount guard personnel should be regular physical examination, eligible may show certificates. Five, scaffolding construction quality requirement and acceptance 1, construction preparation. ( 1) Unit leaders to set up and use personnel disclosure; ( 2) In steel, fasteners, scaffolding, safety nets and other components for inspection and acceptance; ( 3) Clean, flat ground, ensure smooth drainage. 2, scaffolding foundation and foundation construction, basic acceptance, pay-off. 3, scaffolding, schedule control. 4, the technical requirements of the scaffold erection, allowable deviation and method of examination and acceptance. 5, scaffolding safety practices and requirements. 6, scaffolding demolished. Activity of scaffolding demolition method ( 1) Demolition job according to the erection job instead procedures, follow from top to bottom, to build after the demolition, to dismantle the principle of first, after the first rail, scaffolding, bracing, tear open a small bar, bar, after poling, etc. , according to the principle of a clear step in turn; ( 2) It is forbidden to up and down on at the same time; ( 3) Tear open poling, should first hold stud again open the last two buttons. Tear open the ledger, bracing, should first open the middle button, and then hold the middle, and end clasp solution; ( 4) Even the wall pole in the upper pole pieces after the demolition, Stretch up poling except) The rear can dismantle; ( 5) Loosen the fastener flat bar should be removed at any time, must not loose on the shelf; ( 6) Demolition of a long bar should be two people work together, in order to avoid mistakes when working alone. ( 7) Remove the bar should be lifting to the ground, may not throw down; ( 8) Shipped to the ground rod parts should be specified location, increases with the increasing demolition, classification, pattern on the same day on the day of the qing dynasty. Edit summary: about activities scaffold construction scheme and scaffolding demolition method is introduced to here, hope to be of help. Want to learn more knowledge, to focus on Dr Ladder network information. Shenzhen xili scaffolding
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