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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen xinan scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine small family house want to enlarge a space, nature is little not dismantles wall this procedure, and wall the workers must use the right wall the tools, to avoid danger happening. Then dismantles wall tool? Dismantles wall tool 1, in decorating a wall the whole process, is the most commonly used to distance measuring tools. From the common tape, steel rule, feeler, vernier caliper to higher laser range finder technology, sort very much, and the new distance measuring tools appear constantly. Wall the tool 2, decorating a wall, vertical and horizontal Angle of tools used by inspection tool is very critical and. Used to check whether wall etc levels and founder, to facilitate the construction of the step, ensure that decorate construction effect. Commonly used horizontal vertical check tools have messenger wire, vertical laser level feet, as well as internal and external rectangular detection ruler. Dismantles wall tool 3, some tools, though small, but it can not be ignored, just like when decorate wall the often need to use tag record tool. Common marked record tools are pencil, color pens, sticky notes, notebooks, etc. Dismantles wall tools 4, said to the brick wall with a hammer of course, dismantles wall is large, is, of course, made the big hammer, general safety practices from bottom to top, are time consuming work, always on the save time, is to pay attention to safety. ( More than 3 meters high do not recommend this, because to scaffolding, above the wall come down, it is not easy to run away) 。 Dismantles wall tool if 5, cast-in-situ wall, can use percussion drill, gas drilling ( The site of that kind of, driven by diesel engine) 。 Now also out three or two electric hammer, electric is from bottom to top. 6, if it's convenient for local dismantles wall tool, here convenient place is big and high space, then in order to facilitate production machine can also be used. Shenzhen xin scaffolding
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