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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Shenzhen leg factory contact number: 184201503101, scaffolding skills from bamboo scaffolding and steel tube scaffold coexist to give priority to with steel tube scaffold, and render everything button fastener type, conveyor, bowl and so on many kinds of new scaffold; Especially climbing frame, because it can reduce, along the building up and not bound by building height, can be used for construction layout, and can be used to ornament homework. Scaffolding the function of diversification, scaffolding set-up, installation of and describe accounting also gradually towards standardization. 2, construction machinery liaoning jilin construction hanging basket forward into the 20th century 80 time, the level of tower crane need growing, tonnage increases increasingly, such as 1300 ~ 2 500 KNM. Tower crane way basically can be divided into two kinds: one kind is climb the tower 'inside', the other is a 'tower' liaoning jilin construction hanging basket. Low height, Around 40 m) Can walk, when after ultra-high must be built with Rachel fixed. Climb high, and low cost, highly unlimited, but the tower is difficult. External construction elevator has been widely used in high-rise building construction, external use elevator in recent years has been carried out by single cage to double cage, height is also carried out by hundreds of meters to 250 m. Outside the high-rise building decoration construction in liaoning jilin construction hanging basket, the domestic has been able to produce, and been widely applied. Because of the deepening of high-rise building foundation, promote the advance of the root, the underground engineering construction mechanization level. All kinds of large liaoning jilin construction hanging basket earthmoving machines, all kinds of hammers, drilling machine, and bore hole drill, the soil anchor drilling machine, vibration pile extractor ( Can pull out 30 m steel sheet pile) Such as have been a lot of use. The soil anchor drilling machine drilling depth can be up to 30 meters. With the development of ready-mixed concrete, large automatic feeding is controlled by the accounting machine mixing equipment to carry out rapidly. With the mixing of form a complete set of car, concrete pump truck ( With placing boom) Using mobile and stationary concrete pump and the floors of small concrete placing boom, has been in use, and this kind of machine can usually produced by liaoning jilin construction hanging basket in the country. In dynamic small ornament engineering machine has a rapid development, such as stone cutting machine, tile cutting machine, double speed impact electric drill, electric hammer, electric tapping machine, electric screwdriver, liaoning jilin construction hanging basket, electricity ( Gas) Dynamic pull riveting gun, nail gun, electric scissors, Angle grinder, planer grinding concrete and wood decoration use portable chainsaw, wood planer, etc. Shenzhen factory supporting feet
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