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Jinshajiang xiluodu hydropower station specification - the scaffold erection Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Button scaffolding code if it is in the bridge engineering, the most complex, the geological conditions are very is the mouth of the cave common more fractured weak rock, the geological conditions of poor, as an endless tunnels, no matter what kind of hydraulic tunnels and highway tunnels need to take concrete bridge sui Ming dig again. And in the construction of temporary bridge sui is common only to import section of the concrete bridge sui Ming dig, if in the construction of these temporary tunnels is used just car take concrete cut, not practical, to maintain the concrete cut more than ready to fully apply button scaffolding composite steel template to concrete construction. Now the main downstream cofferdam in xiluodu hydropower station project as an example, discussion. Button scaffolding composite steel template in the application of concrete bridge sui Ming dig build specification. Jinshajiang xiluodu hydropower station on the downstream cofferdam is on the right bank diversion tunnel inlet and main tunnels in construction of power plant water intake of temporary traffic tunnels. Total length of 807 bridge sui. 70 m, all pile number K0 + 000. 0m~K0+807. 70m。 From the downstream side of right bank low highway 401. 50 m height into the hole, the downstream of the right lower highway 402. 00 m height out of the hole. On the right bank of the downstream cofferdam turn have two main tunnels, turning radius, 100. 00 m and 12 tunnels is clear. 00米×5。 00m。 Usually engineering articles including import, bridge, tunnel and concrete bridge sui channel three departments. Main import period of top arch concrete bridge sui Ming dig template standard aluminum formwork assembling, support for button scaffold, strengthening applied on the rock bolt between the template and use the method of pressure reinforced connection to fixed. Template when stitching on the cave walls device Φ 22 mortar anchor rod, anchor 1 m long, into the rock, 90 cm and 10 cm, outside and protruding in the anchor department ø 14 embossing strengthen welding process template, embossing of longitudinal interval 0. 75m。 The reserved 4 build system construction scaffolding scaffolding behind. 0米×4。 5米( Width x height) A car before, in a side wall to see a ø reserve 120 cm wind barrel position. Apply the vertical support plate buckle scaffold, row spacing between 75 cm, and appropriate increase bracing. Top arch linear department for 10 # i-steel curved linear templates, each template after three rings to surround Ling, keep the support strength, stiffness, strength longitudinal Ling apply around 8 # steel.
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