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by:Shizhan     2020-06-25
Stage structure is one of the architectural aluminum structure inside. So the design of the structure of the aluminum is a feature with aluminum and use less as far as possible thin wall structure, which requires aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and process performance. Generally speaking, load-bearing structure of the wall thickness of 1. 5 - 3 mm, for the palisade structure not strictly limited. Should be paid attention to in the design of architectural aluminum structure, the characteristics of the elastic modulus of aluminum alloy semi-finished parts, to prevent deformation and ensure the overall and local stability of the structure. Design of aluminium structures, attention should be paid to the rationality of the structure. Stage of aluminum alloy produced by using aluminum alloy materials, aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of material light intensity is high, does not rust, this product USES assembled type, retractable design, quick assembly, and can adjust freely within a certain range of height of the stage, a wide applicable scope, stage for multilayer plywood panels for general paste the red carpet. Attention should be paid to control of aluminium alloy stage of its own weight, not the heavier the better, especially in some unnecessary upset on the structure of materials is a waste of cost, two is also on the bearing capacity of the truss is weakened. On aluminum alloy truss to avoid the damage material itself cross section design, ensure complete welding way. In the stage of aluminum alloy truss, the director of the both sides should have the sealing piece, although the name is the sealing piece, but it is need to plug in to the head to the inside, so don't destroy the welding between the port and competent. This will enhance the mechanical strength of the truss itself; At the same time when in use and transport bystreet director to avoid because of the situation and change the collision and cause potential safety hazard and not beautiful. Stage 1, aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy glass are flexible and fast loading stage, convenient tear open outfit, portable and easy to store. Durability, and price concessions. 2, safe and stable, solemn and elegant, can resist all kinds of bad environment. 3, using a professional 18 mm thick sandwich plate. Have excellent antiskid performance: surface through certain colloid granule configuration, non-slip to rainy day. 4, by the advanced sandwich plate, high strength, compressive strength, prevent slippery, waterproof, sunscreen, etc. 5, to adapt to the door inside and outside all sorts of fashion show, celebration, product launches, studio, all kinds of stage, is very popular, very popular stage. 6, under the stage or on the side can configure some follow spot, shaking his head lights, lights, LED lights, by the dimming control, color random change, gorgeous.
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