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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Commonly used at present, aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer new scaffolds have quite a variety: double wide fast mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding, wide fast loading scaffold made of aluminum alloy; Fast loading aluminum alloy scaffolding; Welding aluminum alloy scaffold, gantry aluminum alloy scaffolding, mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, aluminium alloy mobile platforms, mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding, etc. 。 Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding main advantages as follows: 1, aluminum alloy scaffolding and strong. Aluminum alloy material, light weight, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity; 2, aluminum alloy scaffolding, portable design, component of portable, easy installation and moving. 。 3, easy to build, and does not require any installation tools; 4, using single tube design, save a space, cross bar, diagonal. All components can be stacked, compact structure, can save a lot of space, so as to provide users with convenient for storage and transportation; 5, strong applicability, suitable for all kinds of work platform, working height construction at will. Aluminum alloy scaffolding on professional design and safety performance by using traditional iron and steel scaffolding. 。 At present in China, more and more enterprise users start using aluminum alloy scaffolding. Second, the classification of the aluminium alloy the product of manufacturer of scaffolding: aluminum alloy scaffolding standard products from the width is divided into single width and double width. 1, width: single width of 0. 75 meters and double the width of 1. 35 metres wide. 2, suitable for occasions: single width is mainly suitable for structures, aluminum alloy scaffolding limited space under the condition of the use, single width of aluminum alloy scaffolding structures, generally no more than 12 meters high. Double the width of the aluminum alloy scaffolding is widely used in various occasions, area increases, the stability of the stability of the single width. 3, bearing: the whole frame bearing the single width to 750 kg, single bearing of 230 kg, the whole frame bearing the double width to 900 kg, single bearing is 272 kg. 4, choice of length, width of single and double width length is generally to 2. 0 m long, special custom-made can choose 2. 5 meters, or 3. 0 meters long. Up and down in the second place, from aluminum alloy scaffolding factory is divided into vertical ladder and inclined ladder, the inclined ladder is divided into, diagonal inclined ladder, hanging ladder type 70 degrees, 45 degrees of small platform. Their characteristics respectively as follows: 1, the vertical ladder type aluminum alloy scaffolding double width design, stable and reliable, widely used in floor space without limit of situations; Vertical ladder structure design, can not only save working space, and can reduce the step-stone on time; Working platform can be set up in any level of the tower, the height of each level is 46 cm height to match the different work requires; Delicate and flexible combination makes scaffolding used widely is suitable for various occasions such as stairs, ultra-high need occasions such as setup. Mobile convenience, a single building, can be moved to different places to use. 2, diagonal ladder type aluminum alloy scaffolding diagonal ladder type, help the whole frame structure is stable; Up and down the scaffold is convenient and fast; Diagonal ladder is small in size, structures, easily, the transportation is convenient. ; 3, 70 degrees of hanging ladder type aluminum alloy scaffolding and scaffolding convenient aluminum scaffolding manufacturer in order to apply to need frequent fluctuation scaffold homework and handling tools and materials use up and down; Each layer of each layer configuration a flat pallet configuration platform, a 70 - degree oblique ladder, facilitate each layer assignment and up and down the scaffold; Good gym and frame height matching 70 degrees 70 degrees oblique ladder configuration framework, three, four, five can be set to any height; For transportation is convenient to carry, 70 - degree oblique ladder folding, does not occupy a space to store do not take up the space is little; Set up easily 70 - degree oblique ladder is light weight, convenient scaffold built structure of easy, convenient and stable; Mobile, improve the work efficiency to install mobile casters, a single building, use can be moved to a different place. 4, 45 degrees of small platform aluminum alloy scaffolding frequent fluctuation of scaffolding operations or to be the best choice for handling tools and materials; Broad steps, separate armrest, up and down the scaffold is like walking on flat ground, at ease. Attached separate armrest; Handrail design special bolt, lock the armrest, up and down the scaffold is more safe and reliable; L inclined set super wide type step ladder, up and down the scaffold is very easy; Step is wide and trample the scaffold secure inclined ladder design preventing loose insurance clasp, even in the tilt state ladder will not loose; Consider carefully design, safe and reliable, safe and reliable structure. 45 degrees of inclined ladder, diagonal bracing scaffolding, let whole scaffolding structure more stable, increase the safety performance. Welcome to Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding factory consultation price
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