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Knowledge of lighting and sound platform construction

by:Shizhan     2020-03-27
The stage lighting and audio platform constructed by aluminum alloy profiles has high strength, can bear large loads, is convenient to set up, and has a relatively long service life. It is often used in the backyard of activities to supplement stage lighting and sound effects, or as a temporary Podium used. There are two common solutions for stage lighting and sound platforms: 1 Tower-shaped stage lighting and sound platform, which is relatively simple to construct and highly flexible, and can be built more than 10 meters in height. The load-bearing capacity is small. The maximum load-bearing capacity of a unit bottom is 900kg. 2 The room-type stage lighting and sound platform requires specific design and production. The shape is relatively fixed, the height is not recommended to be too high, and the load bearing is large, which is convenient for personnel to get on and off the platform. The construction of aluminum alloy materials is very convenient and practical, but there are some issues that need attention. 1 Avoid contact with objects with acid and alkali, which are easily damaged by corrosion. 2 When working on a tower-shaped platform, it is not allowed to increase the area of ??the upper working platform by itself, which is prone to collapse. 3. If the component is found to be severely damaged, it should be replaced in time or contact the merchant to inquire about the handling method. Do not handle it privately to avoid potential safety hazards. 4. Do not bear more than the guidance given by the business. (The tower platform is within 900kg, and the house platform is designed according to the actual situation.)
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