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Las Vegas LDI Show

Las Vegas LDI Show


LDI news report in USA

Congratulations with the happy ending of Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd in the LED Exhibition in Las Vegas, U.S.A.
We have make deals in the exhibition and has good reputation to feedback.
Not long ago, the Shanghai Prolight+Sound Expo just came to an end.
The staff of the Shizhan Group went to Les Vegas without stopping.

The Las Vegas Stage Lighting and Sound Show (LDI show) is the world's leading exhibition of stage lighting and sound technology. After 30 years of development, LDI has grown into a large-scale trade exhibition centered on live entertainment technology in North America. Experts in various fields such as lighting, sound, stunt, and stage technology have come to see the innovative products of the industry. At the same time, relevant traders, buyers, and retailers have also traveled to exchange new products and technologies in the industry. Before and after the exhibition, the organizers also arranged a variety of symposiums, seminars, educational topics, new product exhibitions, etc., which greatly enriched the exhibition's programs, and also allowed the audience and exhibitors to obtain more information.
As an influential exhibition in the world, this World Exhibition Group will bring exhibits to participate in the exhibition. On the world stage, we will not fall into the wind. Like other international brands, it attracts many visitors to watch.

See you next year!

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