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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Since the 1990 s has realized the lifting scaffold on the market, which has been accepted by more and more construction enterprises, as an advanced, auxiliary construction technology adopted in this project, especially in recent years, the tall scaffolding is more and more to the rapid popularization of the rapid advance lifting scaffold in the past few years, lifting scaffold enterprises has grown to more than 50 lifting scaffolding specifications and styles, how to improve the safety of the lifting scaffolding become more diversified, how to improve the safety of the lifting scaffolding, has become the main problem of ascension scaffolding can continue to development, the current main lifting scaffolding structure by the frame body frame, installation structure and lifting gear form, designed with the links at the bottom of the frame body into the bottom of the frame body at the bottom of the racks, structure: by welding structure with good rigidity improves the design of bar section, improve the safety of the design, and use the high strength through walls bolts connected with the connection of structures connection structure and body, in the market, there are three main electric chain blocks, hydraulic lifting equipment and hoist, replaced the early artificial TAB chain block, improving the construction efficiency. In order to reduce the possible problems in the process of hoisting, lifting unit and synchronous hoisting equipment controller scaffold, overload alarm. The ministry of construction, according to its mechanical braking principle and construction of the basic installation engineering used in all kinds of lifting scaffold. Now appear all sorts of fall prevention device, generally can meet the design requirements, meet the design requirements. To sum up, lifting scaffolding production enterprises in the aspect of improving the security of their products to spend a lot of money. Has made great achievements in the field of energy measurement, has made gratifying achievements, but in lifting scaffold scheme still exist many problems in the design and construction. In the joint of connection structure and engineering subject still exist many problems in the design of concrete strength. 'Construction attached lifting scaffolding management provisional regulations' [ 2000] Chapter iii as prescribed in paragraph 5 of article 22: 'additional support node, structure and engineering structure joint strength of the concrete is determined through calculation, and not less than C10. 'The results show that many enterprises only on the basis of C10, bring great potential safety hazard to construction safety, and not for practical calculation. In lifting scaffolding structure strength calculation, the concrete structure strength calculation should be made for connections to ensure the safety of the construction plan feasibility. Construction enterprises often only provides a framework in the records of qualification certificate and related materials, and ignore other accessories in the clear requirements of the rules: 'install scaffolding used in a variety of materials, equipment and devices must have quality certificate, quality documents and materials shall be strictly prohibited the use of the relevant provisions of the unqualified products inspection, this part of the information should be put into use in the product before provided by the manufacturer in a timely manner, and through the inspection before construction. In addition to machine defects and its defects, building lifting scaffolding safety accident in construction management factors also accounts for the on-site construction management of a large proportion of the. Scaffold construction personnel pre-service training or pre-service training should grasp the basis and can guarantee the quality of knowledge is relatively poor, the lack of necessary safety skills, especially under the guidance of professional personnel for the operation of the lifting scaffold. At the same time, the construction unit of the safety management is lax, security measures are not in place. In the actual inspection, often found that construction is not in conformity with the provisions. For written construction personnel safety technology transfer operation, make the safety management can not be carried out in accordance with the standards in the construction site safety management, construction personnel in violation of regulations to install and dismantle scaffold is one of the important reasons of safety accident, the hanger is finding wider and wider application in the practical engineering, from a technical perspective, it is necessary to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. In management, must strengthen the specification, earnestly study and implement the 'construction attached lifting scaffolding management provisional regulations' requirement, strengthen construction project the main body of the safety behavior and responsibility consciousness, adhere to the 'safety first' principle, to ensure the construction project is completed.
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