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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
The correct use of hanging blue scaffolding equipment, correct installation equipment, correct performance of the operating procedures, personal fall protection equipment and strict training for workers. A scaffold, hanging blue procedures 1, strictly abide by the execution of the current OSHA for hanging blue scaffolding work related discipline. 2, ensure hanging blue scaffold design and construction of consistent with OSHA requirements. 3, avoid hanging blue scaffold suspension drawstring, seat belt or a safety rope or rust out at high temperature, protect these items from the sharp cut or frayed. 4, before each use, check all blue scaffolding frame body, related components and personal fall protection equipment. 5, provide personal fall protection equipment, to ensure that all workers used in hanging blue frame. 6, using solid part of buildings or other structures to anchoring seat belts, safety rope and hanging drawstring to carry equipment. Lifeline and suspension drawstring should anchor in different locations in the building structure, respectively. 7, carries on the strict training for all workers, make its master all kinds of hanging blue frame and the use of personal fall protection equipment. 8, according to the manufacturer's instructions, installation, erection and the correct use of scaffolding. Abide by the relevant occupational safety and health administration of OSHA regulations must be strictly comply with the enforcement of existing OSHA related to scaffolding operation procedures. 2, 1, the design and construction of the hanging basket scaffold design and construction of hanging basket scaffold must comply with the requirements of OSHA, at the same time, considering the equipment type, rated capacity, construction method and usage. Each frame body and frame body components must be able to carry its weight, plus at least four times the maximum load and deformation. Each line must be able to carry at least 6 times the maximum load. Rope 2, hanging drawstring, seat belts and safety rope: (must be avoided 1) Hot working area, such as welding area. ( 2) Acid or other corrosive substances, etc. ( 3) Cutting or sharp objects by friction. The rope must be stand the heat, acid, or other corrosion effects of material. 3, check the construction site shall arrange a professional, in succession each time before use to check all frame body and components, in order to identify possible defects. Set-up, mobile scaffold, dismantle or change, must be conducted under the supervision of a professional. Personal fall prevention protection device of all components such as: seat belts, safety rope, rope, rope, slippery course and the anchoring point must be a professional inspection before use. Any equipment has been damaged or affected by friction must stop service. 4, prevent fall protection device, the use of the contractor shall provide qualified the fall protection system to ensure the safety of the hanging blue shelf workers use. All in all, these workers should be according to the type Ⅰ railing device or by type Ⅱ guardrail system joint use of seat belts, safety rope. However, when using a single point and two point can be adjusted crane blue rack, workers must pass the safety belt, safety rope and type Ⅰ and Ⅱ protective barrier to protect, when using the board chair, catenary scaffolding and floating scaffolding when using, workers must be protected by a seat belt or a safety rope to. 5, use a structures for anchoring point using solid part of buildings or other structures to anchorage safety belt, safety rope and hanging drawstring to carrying equipment, life-saving rope and hanging drawstring should anchor in different locations in the building structure, respectively. 6, strict construction of the training of the workers should be provided to workers strict training courses, including manufacturers of installation and operating instructions on the use of the blue frame, and the use of personal fall prevention equipment. Without strict training of workers are definitely not expected in any type of blue frame work.
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