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Light shelf manufacturers say truss light shelf

by:Shizhan     2020-05-18
All outdoor activity equipment often involves the construction process, and the construction process only tests the products. If your product is not done well, then it is easy to have problems during the construction process, such as a bad build, but this does not rule out whether the construction method is correct. In the process of setting up the stage lighting stand, people often make a lot of jokes because of the wrong ride. Today, Jiangsu Shizhan metal products, briefly talk about how to build a light stand. Shizhan metal products: lighting racks. Manufacturers build aluminum alloy lighting racks on the spot. The lighting racks are also called truss. They are commonly used equipment for building lighting stages. Their strong bearing capacity can hang lights or LED large screens on them. Aluminum alloy lighting stands generally need to be used with other auxiliary equipment. Commonly used accessories include square sets, square heads, bases, supports, crossarms, hanging hoists, and heads. Materials needed to build a light stand: two aluminum alloy columns, one end aluminum alloy beam, two square sets, two crossarms, two hanging hoists, two inverted heads, two bases, eight diagonal supports, suspenders , Screws, etc. Construction steps: 1. Put the four bases on the ground roughly; 2. Insert the bottom part of the diagonal support on the outside of each base; 3. Fix the head with screws on the base; 4. Put on the head Good square sleeve; 5. Link the beam; 6. Connect the two ends of the beam to the two square sleeves on both sides, then the beam part is assembled on the ground; 7. Lay the column truss on the ground Connect it, and then screw one end to the reverse head, and the other end to the crossarm, and link the hanging hoist and the crossarm at the same time. The role of the hoist is to lift the lower beam truss; 8. Multiple people put the post together The truss is slowly erected, taking care not to push the column with too much force, and then fix the screws above the head; 9. After the column is erected, hook the hook under the hoist to the lower beam through the strap; Individuals slowly pull the hanging hoist together to pull the beam to the left and right of the person's head; 11. Install light and sound equipment on the beam; Diagonally supported Column end and tightened, additional lateral support and the base end of the tightening, so that the light frame structures to complete. Shizhan is committed to: R & D and manufacturing of iron, aluminum stage, T stage, truss, lighting rack, iron horse, guardrail, road flag, chorus and other celebration display supplies, advertising campaign supplies, factory modern production base, integrating R & D, production , Office and warehousing, is one of the display supplies manufacturers in Jiangsu.
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