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Lower fastener steel pipe scaffold in the construction of the security risks - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu s

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Through to the fastener steel pipe scaffold templates tall support system of construction safety risk identification, combining construction practice, the relevant data, summed up the fastener steel pipe scaffold templates tall type of construction safety risk identification support system, and according to identify security risks, the adoption of countermeasures in the construction, thus reducing fastener steel pipe scaffold system construction safety risk. Fastener steel pipe scaffold for its construction is convenient, wide applicability etc. , in many, template cast-in-situ concrete structures of tall building tall support system is widely used in construction. And fastener steel pipe scaffold collapse is caused easily in the construction group one of the hazards of casualties, in construction process without the fastener steel pipe scaffold system construction safety risk identification and control, is likely to be the safety of the template support collapse accident, cause serious personal casualty and property loss. Therefore discusses the fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety risk identification and response measures, to reduce and avoid structure has great significance to the safety accident in construction. 1, fastener steel pipe scaffold construction safety risk identification fastener steel pipe scaffold construction risk exists in the design and site construction and management of two stages. Here are ultra-high fastener steel pipe formwork support of large span construction projects, the fastener steel pipe scaffold templates tall, supporting the construction safety risk identification: fastener steel pipe scaffold tall support construction safety risk including design, site construction risk and management risk, design scheme and design stress model risk and material performance parameters of risk, risk of load parameters, mechanical parameters of foundation and structural setting risk and so on five aspects; Site construction risk has a big risk bearing surface deformation, the material, the frame body build-up risk, construction risk of load and the frame body to dismantle risk, etc. ; Have check not serious risk, management risk disclosure does not reach the designated position risk and check risk not in time, and many other factors. It should be pointed out that the construction and management throughout the construction process, according to the actual condition and construction method, using the method of decomposition for a detailed fastener steel pipe scaffold system construction safety risk identification. 2、扣件钢管脚手架降低风险措施工程项目常用的安全风险措施有:风险回避、风险控制、风险转移、风险自留和风险利。 This article mainly USES the active control of risk measures, reduce the risk to an acceptable level. 设计受力模式风险。 The stress of the fastener type steel pipe scaffold support stud pattern is often one of two ways: the top of the vertical pole adjustable bracket force and top horizontal tube and vertical bar hooking right-angle fastener power transmission. Vertical bar at the top of the adjustable bracket force can make the vertical rod under axial compression; Fasteners force make the poling under eccentric compression, and fastener tightening torque size. Lead to the bearing capacity of the support system than the adjustable bracket force bearing capacity is much lower. To solve this problem, need in mechanical design, the vertical bar at the top of the force transmission mode, the adjustable bracket can be avoided due to the actual erection of fastener risk caused by the tightening torque of sizes. 
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