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LuanCheng a boiler house under construction scaffolding collapse resulted in three deaths quick chain - aluminum alloy scaffolding Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer specially

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Today, I learned from relevant departments in shijiazhuang, on January 3, on the evening of 20 points, luancheng county new computer boiler room subject during the period of construction, the scaffolding to collapse. In the four construction personnel, one person was killed, one person suffered minor injuries, the other two people were trapped. Afternoon to 4, 17:00, the rescue work has ended, three people were killed in the accident. After the accident, luancheng very seriously. County main and manager to the scene immediately, the county office, government office, safety, housing construction, public security, fire, health and other departments and the relevant township to carry out the rescue work. Site set up the accident rescue team, the wounded rescue team, the accident aftermath team and the accident investigation team, quick to carry out related work. The county of production safety emergency meeting overnight, industry has carried out large-scale production safety investigation. Under the supervision of shijiazhuang city safety regulators and city fire department, under the cooperation of the rescue work completed 4, 17 PM, two bodies of trapped workers rescued. Three people were killed in the accident, the bodies of the dead in county funeral home now. According to preliminary investigation, the cause of the accident is not set up correctly, the scaffold to collapse. After the completion of the accident rescue work, luancheng county made a specific arrangement for future work. It is go all out to do a good job in the aftermath, appease the families of the dead 2 it is to block construction site, to stop the construction. Third, the public security organ shall initiate an investigation.
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