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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Wuhan fast loading movable scaffolding rental aluminum alloy contact phone number: 184201503102014 phase 2 'construction safety' focus on research and development of a new screw mechanical transmission adhesive lifting scaffolding, the scaffolding on the design of the new mode of power boost, strengthened the scaffolding safety performance in use. Because of the traditional 'electric hoist type' scaffolding since development use, there have been some security issues. Shaanxi best engineering technology co. , LTD and xi 'an university of science and technology, developed a safe construction new products - — Screw mechanical transmission adhesive lifting scaffolding ( FS10A type) ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'screw adhesive lifting scaffolding') 。 Screw adhesive lifting scaffolding is adopted the most advanced technology of national patent - — 'Screw wire transmission of type of mother,' it through placed at the bottom of the reducer, closely meshing drive screw thread screw drive, to achieve the rise and fall of the mother, leading to the rise and fall of the frame body. 'Screw wire mother type' power lift system has broken the traditional 'electric hoist type' dynamic design thinking of the limitations of ascension, fundamentally eliminate the chances of the adhesive lifting scaffolding fall, its economy, security, stability, the recognition of every user high praise. In terms of overall performance, the technical specifications of the screw adhesive lifting scaffolding by the national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center detection, met and exceeded JGJ202 - 2010 'technical specification for construction tools scaffold safety requirements. Screw adhesive lifting scaffolding on the basis of the triangle frame the subject structure of high strength, the main frame with double guide rail. Guide rail and inner poling through round steel and flat steel form a triangle structure, stable and strong and has good guidance, make stress is more even, the frame body screw ascending runtime more uniform, more stable. Using screw wire mother synchronous hoist, the structure of the high strength and not from the way of meshing, realizing the zero distance approximation for effect, has provided the safeguard for safety. Using screw instead of wire rope of the fall prevention function, to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional scaffolding steel wire rope break easily, aging, and ascension frame body shaking. High strength of bearing box attached to the wall, provides the reliable support for the frame body. For the attached wall bearing capacity, product special use all power structure, greatly improved the security of the frame body. In order to avoid the production of traditional scaffolding accumulated error, to further ensure the frame body the synchronicity of ascension product USES the locking devices, constitute a comprehensive control system, offering benchmarks for each site; In automatic stop, then improve the level of the intelligent automation of operation, reduce the possibility of a dangerous human negligence. Operators need not carry electric hoist and unloading device, labor intensity is small, high work efficiency. Mechanical, electrical double overload protection, high security; Overload alarm indication, easy to find fault. Products adopt unique double unloading system, the structure is simple dexterity, improve automatic reset, prevent wrong operation cause the possibility of accident, also greatly reduces the labor intensity. Wuhan rental aluminum alloy fast mobile scaffold
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