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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
1, safety supervision personnel according to their own division of responsibilities, to ensure that thorough overhaul to the big improvements during two times, daily monitoring of not less than two maintenance team. At ordinary times were at the scene maintenance, want to field for inspection at any time. 2, check the working ticket fill in compliance with the provisions of the safety rules, is the work scope clearly, homework personnel is in line with the work demand, whether the comprehensive security measures, the implementation, risk analysis of whether there is a leak, check the members of the working party by means of selective examination questions of security measures and how dangerous points. 3, check the members of the working party dress, helmets, seat belts, and for the use of. Likewise to fasten safety belts not low hanging high, used for to ensure that a person USES a, helmets, seat belts and we check for device, seat belts and falling prevention device to hang on the solid solid component, or designed for seat belt with steel wire rope, ban on the move or unstable objects. High cutting, welding or near the heat at work, in order to use high temperature resistant and flame resistant belts. Switch, the working field of higher safety belt can't tie breaker in the porcelain column. Using the Angle grinder, grinding wheel, toothless saw, electric tools, should wear protective glasses or protective mask. 4, check whether members of the working party has to use the instruments of the qualification, whether conducted a comprehensive inspection and testing before use, the use of all kinds of electric instruments and the safety instruments and whether the use of the lifting instruments, whether in use, in accordance with the relevant regulations, good leakage protector and grounding line. In the metal container to use electric instruments shall comply with the relevant stipulations. 5, check the operations of the equipment, parts and instruments put orderly, place area is reasonable, whether to use the effective isolation of the fence. Check the workplace ground, noise, waste recycling, lighting and health situation is in line with the requirements. 6, check the homework with scaffolding set-up is reasonable, whether the scaffold inspection and other relevant regulations, use the unit, such as those responsible whether the signature is complete. The use of scaffolding is in line with the requirements, whether to have the scaffolding on the phenomenon of chaos to pull a flare path, use electricity, HuoHan on scaffolding whether to take the effective isolation measures and fire fighting measures. 7, check whether in the area of prone to high altitude falling objects installed security fences, fence installed meets the requirements, whether to have the corresponding sign and warning signs. Eight, to check whether there is sufficient lighting, floor lead is in line with the provisions of the temporary power supply. 9, check the number of functional group in container operation is in compliance with regulations, supervision is in place, whether to maintain good ventilation, lighting voltage is in accordance with the regulations. 10, inspect the site operation of discipline and relevant regulations and rules for implementation, check whether the members of the working party do has nothing to do with the job.
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