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Make sense of the viaduct scaffolding product features, on the road to success when the viaduct scaffolding does jiangsu scaffold construction scaffolding - Jiangsu Sh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Viaduct scaffolding products characteristic is prominent, we still need to be here for everyone to do detailed introduction, convenient use for everyone. Viaduct scaffold characteristics: 1, the viaduct scaffolding all parts adopt special aluminum alloy material, 75% lighter than the traditional steel frame 2, components connected with high intensity, USES the internal expanding external pressure type new type of cold working process, the viaduct scaffold joint destruction pulled off force 4100 - 4400 kg, more than 2100 kg of allowable pulled off. 3, it is easy to install; Equipped with high strength castor, portable. 4, the overall structure & other; Modular & throughout; Combination design, does not need any installation tools. 5, quality assurance: meet the national ministry of construction technology and safety standards, the production quality standards in accordance with ISO9001. Viaduct scaffolding solve enterprise the work high above the problem, it can be according to the actual needs of highly overlapping, 2. 32M/1. 856米/ 1。 392 m three level specifications. There are wide and narrow two clock width specifications. Narrow type rack can narrow lap on the ground, convenient and flexible. He can meet the wall corner, stair narrow space such as the high requirements enterprise aerial work is a good helper. On characteristics of viaduct scaffolding products, don't know you understand not, welcome to inquire and don't understand.
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