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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Scaffolding demolition in shenzhen factory in shenzhen scaffold construction, suggested that we (should) choose reasonable framework form according to construction requirements. Set up and dismantle operation procedures and safety measures. Setting height, only more than needed for construction shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions, design and calculation. Only in this way can we produce high quality scaffolding. Form form active scaffolding, scaffolding installation specification. Scope of application is very wide. It is said that it can better meet the needs of the construction safety. According to construction conditions, can form various modular frame size and load of single row, double row scaffolding, brace, lifting multi-functional construction equipment such as scaffold material, and the curve can be displayed. Bowl of scaffolding, same size scaffold model and scaffold is full of scaffolding. Consistent with the site cultural construction, due to the bowl and overall, loose to prevent the damage of the wear and tear cost, convenient for field management. Scaffolding demolition of allowable deviation requirements, according to the rules distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance of steps and the vertical rod verticality. 1) Basic requirements: engineering scaffold is partly on the basement roof and outdoor backfill soil, will accept the roof and foundation bearing capacity after the bid. ( 2) Vertical pole verticality allows horizontal deviation is 25 mm. 3) 20 mm spacing: step spacing, longitudinal distance 50 mm, lateral distance from 20 mm. ( 4) Single pole longitudinal bar height difference on both ends of 20 mm, with cross height of vertical and horizontal bar to 10 mm. ( 5) All the fasteners to each other in the center of the master node for most mm. 6) Elevation difference in mm. In synchronous vertical bar on two separate docking fastener, vertical pole docking fastener and the distance between the master node to 1 3 or less.
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