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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Scaffold is in the engineering construction industry in the upper air construction equipment, said popular point is which, through the pipe connection structures, set of shelves, and before making the main material is bamboo, but bearing and safety performance is poor, in planning and market demands for security today, more and more high, scaffolding manufacturer has comprehensive use aluminum alloy material and steel material has gradually replaced the bamboo material, it is a big leap in the quality of the scaffolding industry. Today, scaffolding manufacturer mainly concentrated in guangdong, hebei, Shanghai, Beijing, tianjin and other regions, produces more than 80% of the total, template design of aluminum alloy button, disc type, round type, door type, bowl, fasteners. Can be built a tower, cascade, longmen posture, cantilever type, suspension type type. According to the width can be divided into single and double width. If the material can be divided into, aluminum alloy, steel, iron, wood, bamboo and other materials, the enterprise generally USES aluminium alloy or steel tube as the main material of professional design and become, more types of equipment can be installed in any field, indoor and outdoor, altitude, and the grass is not restricted by working space location. In addition to choose a good material, and the overall structure, rail, upright, sweep the floor and accessories must carry on the scientific design, effective way of support, qualified load, quality is guaranteed. Aluminum scaffolding factory common production equipment include: aluminum cutting machine, automatic conveying aluminum can automatically realize the aluminum tube, precision cutting output after the rest of the tail, and automatic cycle. Punch, will cut the aluminum used in expanding external pressure type new-type cold work process in extrusion, trim molding, begun to take form. Level drawn tube, cable-stayed pipe, D type spring buckles in this step to complete. Lathe as a cutting tool, secondary processing technology will be drawn tube corner, framed thread, drilling, will be the appearance of the rough, sharp, belong to one of the surface treatment process. The adjustable called swirls on the machine. Welding of aluminium welding machine, the semi-finished products of aluminum pipe, used to achieve high intensity, pull big etc. Characteristics. The machine can complete three horizontal aluminum frame, four horizontal aluminum frame, fence, pedal appearance, castor, foot brace, brace, inclined ladder. Three horizontal plane and the four differ across the length of 40 mm. 1, in the production of scaffolding, aluminum alloy profiles are required to pass the QC to check, ensure the hardness standard and use the right material. 2, aluminum cutting: the operator put on the aluminum for precise cutting, automatic cutting machine behind the first confirmed by the QC for production, after cutting the profile to the punch department on 3 next procedure, punching processing, using different tonnage punch after cutting the profile of flash, punching and riveting pressure, after the end of the process and deflashing, chamfering processing. 4, lathe processing: part of the connecting bolt the aluminum frame for chamfering processing, make its in use process more smoothly; 5, weld processing: check will be processed profiles, by experienced weld employees use high purity argon arc welding, ensure the orderliness and strength of the weld, confirmed by the QC inspection qualified for the final after stopper labeling process; 6, to ensure that no error after size, packaging warehousing. All of processes are monitored by QC the entire the entire completed after more than a few process, overall no spare parts, are free to assemble into various forms. Aluminum alloy scaffolding height can be set up to 48 m, brace played a key role for the whole stability of the tower, the length ratio of 3:1, specifications are different, so the manufacturers need to make a different level. Bearing of 1000 kg, the use of aluminum is T6 - 6061 profiles, in ensuring that the bearing capacity of no additional overall weight at the same time. Aluminum alloy scaffolding can bring adjusting roller, new type of joint, with brake function, prevent using sliding process. Scaffolding factory can be customized in different width, different types, different structure. Finished product have to measure the bearing and stability, to ensure that when the work high above the ( More than 2 m and 2 m) Safety, security, after all, no small matter. Shenzhen, hebei province, tangshan, chongqing, tianjin, hangzhou and other places has strict recommendations to the scaffolding brand, to Europe and the United States, domestic standard at the same time, in addition to meet the standards of various organizations, but also meet the demand of users. Scaffolding factory so much, carefully choose good brand, in addition to see the product material, also look at the certificate of approval. Tengda scaffold can be rent scaffolding manufacturer for different structure of the scaffold price is different also, so everybody to want to telephone to understand clearly.
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