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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
The construction project of scaffolding demand is big. There is demand will have factory, the factory to buy in large quantities of customers most will take wholesale sale or lease way to trade. This is the origin of scaffolding wholesale. Why large companies choose this way? What are the advantages? Convenient and guaranteed quality? High quality scaffolding manufacturer will make different parts according to the actual needs of customers, including castor, aluminum frame, laguan, pedals, skirting board and brace. When buy in bulk not only can get a discount on the price, also can customize different logo, specification or size and so on. What are the items need to be aware of aluminum alloy scaffolding wholesale? 1, the aluminum alloy material. High quality aluminum alloy scaffolding is the T6 - meet safety standards 6061 material is qualitative, only this model can avoid the crack appeared in the process of use and influence bearing, safety accidents caused by engineering. 2, see the appearance of the scaffold. 1) Joint: joint full, accessories welding on the tubing, seamless. 2) Tubing: no bend, no fault, no burr. 3) Wall thickness: the thickness of the whole to 2 mm, otherwise the bearing is not up to standard. 3, the gym. Both straight ladder and inclined ladder, the snap of the interface can be fast automatic springback, conform to the quickly disengaged, energy and simple structure characteristics. Self-locking function also can effectively improve the overall bearing quality and safety. In 2020, what is the price of aluminum alloy scaffolding wholesale? It is well known that scaffolding is according to the height and width, calculation of the price from 2 meters and 3 meters, 4 meters high to 42 m, regular width is divided into single width 0. 75 meters and double the width of 1. The other is of 35 meters, custom. Because at present there are a lot of the manufacturer of all kinds of big, on the Internet, entity shop are all in the name of factory direct sale, lead to different price. Really want to know the real price, can be directly to the factory field investigation and consulting. All in all, under the premise of the same height, single style of scaffolding is much cheaper than double wide wide, one-piece pedal is much cheaper than open window pedal, inclined ladder more expensive than straight ladder, adjustable casters more expensive than ordinary castor.
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