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Market Research and Analysis of Portal Scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
Portal scaffolding is one of the most widely used scaffolding in construction. Because the main frame is in the shape of 'door', it is called gate-type or gate-type scaffold, also called scaffold or gantry. This kind of scaffold is mainly composed of main frame, horizontal frame, cross diagonal brace, scaffold board, adjustable base and so on.

The technical level of Chinese scaffolding is far from that of Japan. Japan has only 2-3 steel formwork factories, but there are more than 450 portal scaffolding factories and accessory factories. In the 1950s, Japan also focused on single-tube fastener scaffolding. Due to the continuous occurrence of construction accidents, many popularized portal scaffolding in the 1960s. Because the portal scaffolding is easy to install and disassemble, it has good load-bearing performance, safety and reliability, especially the province of labor has made rules for the safe use of scaffolding, making portal scaffolding the dominant scaffolding of construction companies. Among all kinds of scaffolding, its use accounts for 50 At the mercy of %, Japan attaches great importance to the safety of scaffolding. According to the requirements of different projects, scaffolds and supports of different uses can be used to provide construction workers with an outstanding working environment and ensure construction safety. They are requested to have tight railings and net fences around the scaffolding. There should be no gaps between the joints of the scaffold board to prevent debris from falling and hurting people. According to the Spreading Industry Association, Japan has not had any casualties due to scaffolding quality and safety issues in the past 10 years. This is indeed very simple.

Chinese scaffolding is dominated by fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding. There are few professional scaffolding factories, low technical level, and backward production technology. In particular, many bamboo scaffolding are still in use, and safety cannot be guaranteed. Portal scaffolding has also been used in many domestic projects and achieved good results. However, later construction units using portal scaffolding became less and less, and many manufacturers of portal scaffolding also closed or switched to production. In order to install in Europe, America, and Japan, portal scaffolding takes the leading position of all kinds of scaffolding. However, China has only promoted and used it for a few years and has not been expanded. Instead, it has returned to use fastener scaffolding and bamboo scaffolding? There are many reasons, among which the main reasons are product quality problems such as the selected steel pipe specification does not meet the requirements of the plan, the rigidity of the mast is small, the deformation is easy during transportation and use, the processing accuracy is poor, and the service life is short.

Recently, many domestic climbing frame construction methods have been used, but the safety management methods have not kept up, and safety accidents have continued to occur. Bowl buckle scaffolding is one of the key scaffolds to be promoted at that time. More than 40 production plants have been established across the country. Some of the equipment is simple, and the production technology is backward, and the product quality is difficult to guarantee. Others have established more than 50 manufacturers that produce upper and lower bowl buckle plug components. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers arbitrarily changed the bowl buckle plug plan, so that the force performance of the components cannot meet the requirements of the plan, which will lead to safety accidents during construction. Therefore, it is necessary for China to further advance the technical level of scaffolding, restrict the use of backward bamboo scaffolding, and supervise the product quality and safety of scaffolding and make specific handling methods. It is necessary to learn from the experience in the promotion of portal scaffolding so that the technical level and product quality of Chinese scaffolding can continue to advance and unfold.

The current trend of society is developing low-carbon environmental protection and energy conservation, fully exploiting the benefits of portal steel scaffolding, standardizing shopping malls, and vigorously promoting them. With China's strong domestic demand, portal scaffolding will still occupy a certain proportion of shopping malls in the future.
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