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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
Trust of aluminum scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 has been in the industry of die set based on enterprise, want to further development, seems to be largely touch the ceiling. The ceiling, apparently due to the competitive environment, in fact, root cause is the enterprise strategy and the management idea, the result of team building. 1. Also are scaffolding leasing business, in the last two years by the transformation of traditional scaffolding button scaffold enterprises, the day of this year most 'difficult' because the market is too hot, and the shortages that have to pick the pick up the rejected some customers, in the intense competition today, refused to seek to the customer, the complexity of the inner cans be imagined. This is the break the ceiling of the strategic level, the breakthrough. 2. Is same button scaffold of enterprises, some enterprises still cannot break original management idea, is still by lower the price of the product quality and market competition, it is conceivable that this is not the rhythm of the rise of giant, giant rise by a man without I have, people have my superior, optimal I designed! Just 12 words, do it, but, this is the path, the rise of giant not competitive enough, what makes you rise. 3. Management team of the ceiling domestic scaffolding for small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise development is generally no talent strategy, and even the strategies of choose and employ persons. Didn't realize the enterprise development to a certain stage, all questions, in the final analysis is the person's problem. The most obvious example is the employee's compensation strategies are peers, no promotion channels and incentives, causing most of the employees also see peers, colleagues, because there is no motivation and passion and environment to encourage their progress. The boss if you want to use the same wages, to transcend the same industry operating performance, does not depend on their 'strong business relationships,' but this is the root of the enterprise is unable to continue to grow stronger, personal ability and energy is limited after all. Core team supports, the larger the enterprise, the boss, the more tired, because you try, not tired just strange! Things are made of people, enterprise development to a certain stage, shaping corporate philosophy and corporate culture, let employees have a sense of belonging and cohesion, enterprising spirit, constantly surpass themselves, beyond their peers, compensation is beyond, the enterprise can really rise in the same industry. Excellent enterprise must be good people, good people salary, if can't keep up with, power loss, talk about mountable continue! Only under the strategy of sustainable development, encourage older workers, attract resources, have the ability of new employees, smooth into the enterprise, the enterprise established orbit form cohesion, combat effectiveness, is the scaffolding companies break the top priority of the ceiling. Human resources is a course and important functions of the country. The compensation system of enterprises is very important to the human resources department is an important sector of enterprise development to a certain stage. But for the die set industry, the real allocation of human resources departments enterprises, at the same time play an important role should be a handful. Because this department is in the business strategy, market strategy, talent strategy can play a role of departments, mostly the hr work at most is, hiring, salary, etc the execution of the transaction. Because most of the die set enterprise biggest strategy is no strategic, go with the flow, imitate each other, competing with each other, and work to reduce the market price, and strive to control staff income ( Cost of choose and employ persons is higher and higher) , lower spending, with the demanding attitude for customer, obviously this is not a benign development track. When you are on the strategic contempt, beyond rivals, tactical ability. To avoid competition, in their own advantages to build on the battlefield to invincible, that Steve jobs is the best example. People's time and energy are limited, the importance of time management law, is preferred to do the most important and urgent work, learn to do subtraction, focus. What is the most important scaffold enterprises and emergency work, find the development of the enterprise or individual bottleneck, the ceiling. To break the ceiling is certainly the most important, otherwise can only be marking time, why talk about development! Trust of aluminum scaffolding
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