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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Project name subdivisional work full-time security officer construction unit name date of masonry engineering, safety technical clarificaiton clarificaiton year month day safety technical disclosure content: 1. Construction personnel must conduct admission safety education, the examination rear can play. To enter the construction site must wear safety helmet, qualified lock buckle; 2. Building height more than 1. 4 m, erection of scaffolding homework; Height more than 5 m, will use the scaffold must be pitched in safety net, with scaffolding should set protective railings and feet before laying; 3. Scaffolding pile shoes ( Uniformly distributed load with no more than 250 kg per m2, concentrated load is not more than 120 kg) , brick yards height shall not exceed 3 leather side of the brick. The same piece of scaffolding shall not exceed two people, it is forbidden to use shaky tool or object on a shelf padding operation; 4. Laying beneath the surface may not be someone, such as when working in the same vertical surface fluctuation cross, you must set up security isolation layer; Brick on the shelf, operators must face, put the bricks on the shelf. Hang line falling objects must be binding is firm. Shall not stand walking on top of the wall, homework; 5. Artificial brick, by cart before and after the two cars on the distance from the ground shall not be less than 2. 5 m, slopes shall not be less than 12 m. Brick when loading should be high, low, after stratification take in sequence. Using crane to brick cage, brick when brick cage lives on the floor brick is used, to uniform distribution, and set up under the floor pillar in advance or rail bearing. Brick cage, it is forbidden to directly hanging on the scaffolding, hanging mortar hopper not too full, full of charge should be lower than hopper on 100 mm. A rotation may be someone stay within the scope, hanging above the scaffold when falling, homework personnel should avoid; 6. Accidents occurred in the operation, must be timely rescue the injured, superiors is quickly, protect the scene of the accident, and take measures to control the accident. Such as rescue work may cause accident expanding or personnel injury, must be conducted under the guidance of the construction technology management personnel rescue; 7. Scaffolding without handover acceptance shall not be used, acceptance shall not be arbitrarily tear open change and move, such as requirements must be open to change and move, subject to the consent of the engineering and technical personnel, after reinforcement measures are taken to dismantle and mobile. Scaffolding it is forbidden to take the probe plate; 8. No with shaky tool or object in hand panel pad high operation; 9. The working environment of the broken material, ash, sundry, under the toolset, nissan nissin, produced in qing dynasty, work out a clear; 10. Workers are strictly forbidden to stand at the top of a wall line, iron, cleaning the cylinder wall, and check the work, such as large Angle vertically to prevent falling accident. 11. Build by laying bricks or stones good gable, temporary department should contact rod on and frontispiece, make its contact stability, or take other effective reinforcement measures. 12. Could transport through grooves should could walk the dog, the width shall not be less than 1. 2米; 13. No force on more than chest wall masonry, lest the wall collapsed or feeding when I dropped the collision safety accidents; 14. No hands on mobile wall material, in order to avoid crushed or scratch fingers; 15. Encounter a rainy day and every day after work, to just build by laying bricks or stones good masonry rainproof measures, to prevent the rain washed away mortar, masonry collapsed. Safety technical disclosure people accept disclosure ( All crew) :
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