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Material performance of portal steel scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
Portal steel scaffolding is a kind of scaffold produced in factories and erected on site. It is one of the most commonly used scaffolds in the world today. It can be used not only as an outer scaffold, but also as an inner scaffold or a seat-mounted scaffold.
The erection of portal steel scaffolding generally only needs to be constructed according to the application load and erection rules listed in the product catalog, without checking calculations. Generally, the erection height of steel pipe scaffolding in stores is limited to 45m, and it can reach 80cm after adopting certain measures.
Portal steel pipe scaffolding is a tool-type standard part made of general steel pipe materials and assembled at the construction site. The basic unit is a combination of a portal frame, two pairs of scissor braces, a pair of horizontal beams and four connectors.
Material performance of accessories of portal steel scaffolding:
1. The standard, function and quality of the door frame and its accessories should conform to the current industry standards, and there should be a factory certificate and a product symbol.
2. Masts and accessories used in turnover should be determined, repaired and used in accordance with the rules in Appendix A of this standard.
3. Welded steel pipes should be used for horizontal reinforcement rods, sealing rods, sweeping rods, scissor braces, and scaffolding corner joint rods. The raw materials should meet the current national standards under the condition of ensuring weldability, and the corresponding fastener standards should also be separate It is 42mm and 48mm.
4. The steel pipe should be straight. The allowable error of straightness is 1/500 of the length of the pipe; both ends should be flat without oblique openings or burrs; it is forbidden to use steel pipes with hard damage and severe corrosion.
5. The function and quality of the fasteners connecting the steel pipes with outer diameter of 48mm should conform to the current national standards. The fasteners connecting the steel pipes with outer diameters of 42mm and 48mm should have a distinctive mark and be implemented in accordance with the relevant rules in the current national standards.
6. When steel pipes and angle steels are used for connecting wall parts, their raw materials should conform to current national standards.
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