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Measures to ensure the safety and stability of

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
In addition to the characteristics of stable structure and large bearing capacity, portal scaffolding must add some structural measures during use to enhance the supporting capacity of the portal. This is also the key to the safety of portal scaffolding.
The construction unit must prepare a special technical plan for the high formwork with a height of more than 4.5 m before construction. The technical party shall include the design, erection and dismantling of the formwork and its support system, concrete pouring method, observation of pouring process and safety control requirements, etc. No construction is allowed without a technical plan.
In addition, the lightweight of portal scaffolding products makes it easy to disassemble and assemble, which reduces the labor intensity of construction workers. The design of scaffolding tends to be lighter. The use of internal and external movable steel pipes in the production process consumes more steel materials than traditional steel pipes. Type scaffolding can save more than 40%. Therefore, the labor intensity of the operators is reduced in the disassembly and assembly of the construction, so that they are not so tired during the operation, the mental condition is relatively good, and the safety factor is naturally increased.
Installation standard
Portal scaffolding has its own standards for installation, which must be neat and uniform, and have a stable support system in two mutually perpendicular directions. Before erecting, it must be strictly laid out in accordance with the design requirements. During the installation of the mast support, it is required to add a 48 x 3.5 steel pipe horizontal pull rod to buckle each level of mast installed. Vertical and horizontal scissor supports are arranged at a distance of less than 6m. The supporting force of portal steel scaffolding mainly depends on the overall force of the supporting frame. In order to exert this overall effect, it is necessary to 'bundle' the thin portal frames by horizontal and vertical horizontal pull rods and vertical and horizontal vertical scissors. If the vertical and horizontal horizontal pull rods and vertical and horizontal scissor supports are not provided, it is as easy to break as chopsticks, and the support of the door frame is extremely easy to collapse. This situation must be eliminated. The extension length of the adjusting bolt of the adjustable bracket (base) should not be greater than 200 mm. When the extension length of the bolt of the adjustable bracket (including the base) is greater than 200 mm, a horizontal tie rod can be added to fix it. Many operators do not understand this. They screw out the bolts for a long time and do not take measures to reinforce them, which greatly reduces the force of the mast and often leads to collapse accidents.
In connection construction, the tightening torque of the bolts of the various connecting fasteners of the mast is between 40~65 Nm to prevent the components from being unable to effectively bear the force or being damaged. After the erection is completed, use a wrench to randomly sample and check. , Until qualified. It is not allowed to lack connecting components or bolts that are not tightened or to be disassembled at will after installation, so that the portal scaffold will be deformed and damaged. The support pole should be vertical, and the horizontal and vertical poles should be flat. The poles should be made of full-length steel pipes as much as possible. If pipes are to be taken over, the joints should be staggered and not within the same step. The poles must be connected in accordance with the regulations to ensure the verticality of the frame. The joints of two adjacent longitudinal horizontal rods shall be staggered with each other, and the connection ports must be butted according to the specifications.
Accident rescue measures
In the event of a scaffold collapse accident, do not blindly go to rescue. If there is an emergency that endangers the safety of electricity use, you should immediately cut off the power supply. After confirming that there is no further risk of collapse, organize rescue personnel and take effective measures to rescue the injured. First, rescue the injured. Save the property again. Only by paying attention to these matters and adopting these structural measures to strengthen the support of the gantry scaffold can the gantry scaffold function effectively and safely, and can also prevent the operators from falling from height to the greatest extent.
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