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Measures to prevent a fall checklist - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan Ann

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Measures to prevent a fall check table name layer/area of construction engineering unit image on schedule check project check content of self-check site self-checking special construction plan within the enterprise to perform supervision inspection scaffolding scaffolding whether making special plan, and the effective examination and approval, supervision of audit; The construction method can guide the construction. Frame body with building structure Rachel body whether in accordance with the specification requirements of the height, width and building structure Rachel; Rachel is strong. Scaffold material scaffold material meets the specification requirements. ( 18 meters below the single-layer workshop decoration inside the scaffold can be extended to the double row of bamboo scaffolding) Stud base, bar spacing and bracing whether stud base level, whether sweeping bar Settings; Bar spacing is in line with the plan and specification requirements; Bracing set and Angle is in line with the requirements. With planks and guardrails scaffolding full shop, frame body lateral if they hang a dense mesh type safety net; If construction PingQiao set protective railings. Channel and on whether closed according to the requirements set in the body, the construction of ladder; Gateway is set baffle; Whether the scaffolding in closed in accordance with requirements. Disclosure and acceptance of the scaffolding, whether for workers safety education and safety technical disclosure, whether to have a quantitative acceptance. Sanbao, four high special construction scheme of steel structure installation if there is a special scheme, and the effective examination and approval; Height of more than 2 m of operation platform and discharging platform if there is a special construction plan and the effective examination and approval; The special construction scheme can guide the construction. Personnel if there are people working education high on specific safety education and technical clarificaiton, and good signing formalities. Discharging platform unloading platform build-up meets the design requirements; Unloading platform support system with the scaffold should be separated; Want to have limited load sign discharging platform. Set-up is in line with the plan of operation platform, operation platform, and requirements; Operation platform, whether the firm; Scaffolding is spread. Limb is set 1. 2 m high protective railings and skirting board. Steel structure workshop of high operation facilities, high operation safety protection facilities is consistent with the special plan calls for; Have you set the safety wire ( Or safety rope) ; Whether AnQuanPing network Settings; If set, under construction on the ladder. Homework personnel protective equipment high whether proper use of protective equipment, such as safety helmet, safety belt, etc. Stairs, elevator well, set aside the mouth of the cave and pithead protective each place should have protective measures, and form a standard, tools; Inside the elevator shaft every two layers ( No more than 10 m) Should have a flat screen. The balcony, floor, room facing border guard every limb should have protective measures, protective requirements; If there is a special construction plan to triple gem of four. Construction project department self-inspection: check the signatures: time: construction enterprise review: check the signatures: time: ( Affix one's seal) Project supervision department to check and supervise the rectification: check the signatures: time: note: self-check situation need to fill in content and rectification implementation problems
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