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Measures to prevent falling safety guarantee Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
1, participate in hoisting aloft working personnel must undergo a physical examination, eligible to enter the work high above the. 2, found before lifting the staff in the work of drinking, depressed, banned from aerial work. 3, participate in hoisting aloft working personnel, must fasten your seat belt. 4, the gym inside the tower drum fan, set-up, must by lifting professionals experienced qualified before use. 5, the ladder connection must be safe and reliable, are not allowed to have phenomenon of the characters, there is no open welding phenomenon. 6, the work high above the erection of scaffolding, a professional must set by the relevant department of professional personnel qualified before use. 7, scaffolding should be built for not less than 1. 1 meter high barrier to prevent falling. 8, GanZi scaffolding, scaffolding must be strong, safe and reliable connection is strong, pry up scaffold board can't be, there is no probe plate. 9, on the scaffold, or work on scaffolding without barrier, height more than 1. 5 meters must fasten seat belt. 10, seat belt must be tested before using and qualified before use. 11, the rope belt hook should be hung on the solid component or designed for hanging on the rope belt. 12, are not allowed to cast the tools and materials up and down with a rope fastened upwards or downwards after send, lest injure workers below or electrical equipment. 13, at level 6 and above the wind or heavy rain, thunder, fog and other bad weather, should stop the work high above the open air. 14, the ban on the unstable structure on the work, in order to avoid mistake, should be the necessary site put up warning signs. 15, work on the suspension scaffold or hanging basket, the diameter of the wire rope and safety factor should be meet the job requirements. 17, the work high above the use of scaffolding and ladder should comply with the regulations and requirements. 18, should not be in the gym for work for a long period of time, the following should set safety guardian. 19, electrical personnel using the machine must be checked and ready before use security measures, to ban the use of broken machinery. 20, aerial work must be equipped with full-time personnel command, command personnel shall not leave the job site at will. 21, fan hoisting field all the crane driver and ground personnel, must and can only obey the voice of one full-time commander, have the right to not obey the voice of allied commander outside. 22, all installation and hoisting workers, such as unsafe factors, shall have the right not to follow the arrangement of command, and report to the superior leadership. Shenhua guohua bayinnaoer ( Region banner) Wind power co. , LTD. The engineering department
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