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Measures to prevent the button scaffolding collapse?

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

In the construction industry, button scaffold is an often applied to the construction tool, so in terms of installation structures, remove, requires extra attention, prevent it from collapse accident. Some measures of concrete can do the following: 1, according to the different span box culvert, calculated before construction, ensure the safety of the structure stability coefficient of building dish buckle scaffold step distance, horizontal distance and vertical distance, and make disclosure and construction team. 2, prior to concrete casting inspection on building dish buckle scaffold support structure, including the interval, the horizontal distance between steel tube and longitudinal spacing is in line with the disclosure requirements, and if there's any loose for connecting fastener bolt fastening, concrete casting can be well fit the requirements before the construction. 3, ensure the button scaffold stability of overall structure, should be set according to the requirement of scissors. 4, after the concrete casting shall meet the specification requirements of strength after before being removed. 5 good construction materials, strict, corrosion serious steel pipe and fasteners are strictly prohibited to use approach. To sum up, the above content is detailed described, button scaffold at the time of installation build application, we should be safe, to prevent collapse accidents.                                

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