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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
In the construction industry, button scaffold is a frequently used building tools. Therefore, in the installation and removal, must pay special attention to prevent its collapse. In particular, can take the following measures:. Before the construction of different span box culvert, calculate the steps of the construction type button scaffold, distance and vertical distance, to ensure the structural stability and the safety factor, and keep good cooperation with team. 2. Check construction before casting plate scaffold support structure, including the cascade, horizontal distance and vertical distance between steel tube whether meet the requirements of backing, as well as the connecting bolt fastening is loose. Pouring construction. 3, to ensure that should be according to the requirement of the scissors bracket 4 Settings button scaffold structure as a whole. After pouring concrete, should meet the specification requirements of strength to the demolition of 5. To sum up, the above content button scaffold should be safety construction was introduced in detail, so as to avoid collapse accidents occurred during installation. With the enforcement of national policy, clean up the city village project is a recent project to give a lot of attention, a lot of people say, indeed the countries for urban village reconstruction is a reasonably good, then the overall condition of city can be improved because of the renovation project, and had lived in old house in the common people can also because demolition move in small houses. Said today is also a matter related to the demolition. Shenzhen urban villages will be demolition, prices soaring, 124 times the net friend: overnight! Original cost four hundred thousand house price inflation in nowadays, the net friend say: he is acid. What is going on? We together and see it. As we all know, shenzhen China one of the most developed commercial city in its economic development is very quickly, so that the level of consumption is stupefying nature. A lot of field work to shenzhen people say oneself make spend more in shenzhen! For renting it, exiguous in shenzhen this place really difficult burden themselves, but in shenzhen there is such a place where the rent is very cheap. It is shenzhen nanshan district shahe street a village called baishi continent, in this area is only 0. 6 square kilometers, 2527 houses, built on the small village of resident population is one hundred and fifty thousand, for the sake of low-rent are almost on the village live in floating population, however, in early July this year, the tenants are turning to see my landlord notice posted on the wall to the qing households, then saw his divine by means of character each one with a red pencil on the wall. Originally, is baishi continent's after the urban village renovation project was finally approved. It is understood that the renovation project of baishi continent will shall be the responsibility of the green landscape in China, according to preliminary estimates, the demolition to compensate the money for the local residents is very high, for now, baishi continent housing price in the market price has up to 4. 20000 yuan per square meter, which means before a four hundred thousand tall cost according to the current price to sell to sell nearly 124 times. Urban villages in shenzhen has a demolition, prices soaring, 124 times, the net friend say: overnight!
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