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- mobile scaffold construction technique requirement Installation of aluminium alloy window is? - after dismantled scaffold Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer specially

by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
After installation of aluminium alloy window is dismantled scaffold, please contact phone number: 18420150310 mobile scaffold in the construction, must follow the technical requirement of it in order to ensure safety. Hefei scaffolding rental small make up a set of its technical requirements, hope to be of help. Upright and horizontal bar of each intersection is suspension points, is a balanced suspension layer level thrust, Rachel unloading rod set on the suspension layer unloading, unloading layer added a horizontal bar, roof and wall structure is tight, the upper floor of the corresponding embedding Rachel Angle position. Wait for concrete strength reaches 20 mpa, device unloading rod Rachel, Rachel, upper stem with Ф 16 round steel, use among Ф 20 basket screw adjustment, lower in 1/2 & amp; '; Steel wire rope, fixed under unloading layer poling under the bowl. Fan plane curve radius is small, due to the buildings, so the mobile scaffolding required curve. Outer arc scaffold with three internodes via computation as a set, inner arc scaffold by 4 ~ 5 internode as a group, is composed of a number line. Poling longitudinal spacing of 1. 2 to 1. 5 m spacing is 1. 2 m medial poling is apart from wall span 0. 30 ~ 0. 50 m. Mobile scaffolding arrangement need to be determined according to the situation in the construction, to ensure smooth process of construction. Vertical layout mobile scaffolding step height, step mobile scaffolding frame height 1. Step 8 m along the whole build set up 42 frame, in order to ensure safety. Choose layer and 28 layer for unloading, 15 respectively in 8 and 16 layer of floor slab edge beam fan set hanging nodes, control of the mobile scaffolding, should be determined according to the specific situation of the construction to ensure construction of normal and orderly. After installation of aluminium alloy window is dismantled scaffold
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