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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
The overwhelming majority of the use of scaffolding to match, the scaffold is not common, there is no common scaffolding and practical in place, in the construction industry, mobile scaffolding is a kind of indispensable safe construction on things, so he closed in on construction workers, is a kind of no more, but is on this premise, we also need to remember is, must be careful to appreciate, typical mobile scaffold construction project information. First of all, as a qualified personnel to install, need through the national security technology assessment, to master the appropriate professional qualifications, for accident emergency response have full understanding. Secondly, during the course of construction, use put plate shears support to prevent deformation of the straight, completely no more than 45 m erect. Solemn abolition of all parts, special is to ensure that the master node in the quiet of stem parts, this will directly associated with the project safety. Need to notice is, in the architectural construction not able to synchronic use steel, bamboo frame, mixed use guides full strength is not enough, poor stability. To sum up, the above information is reasonable illustrates, mobile scaffolding in construction should pay attention to the items on the way. Efficient mobile scaffolding structure: mobile scaffolding important main frame, horizontal box, interspersed with brace, scaffolding, adjustable base, etc. Interspersed with rod is also called diagonal member, efficient mobile scaffolding frame is longitudinal docking two door frame type with rod. Bar end flattening two local flushed with pin holes, form with lock pin lock on the door frame stud. Appearance treatment: electroplating ( Cold galvanizing) , leaching zinc ( Hot dip galvanized) Castor: also known as the land wheel, can be placed at the bottom of the mobile scaffolding, constitute movable scaffolding. Can action of resettlement. Paint finish. D building equipment. Confession creation of open platform. Castor is 6 inch brake, with convenient use. Mobile nimble. Safe and secure.
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