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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Xiamen hot galvanizing plate button poling contact phone number: 18420150310 too slow is not wrong, just use mobile scaffold mobile scaffolding as a kind of infrastructure construction, widely used in all kinds of aiming at the construction site, played an important supporting role. And its development is very slow, imperfect from start to the final step by step closer to perfect, has experienced a long process. Mobile scaffold used in room, inside and outside decoration; Cosmetic advertisements; Bridge support; Template support; Scaffolding and scaffolding, wall and other purposes. With loading and unloading of convenient, safe and reliable, the price would practical advantages. Structures, mobile scaffolding using steel pipe, the inspection certificate must be maintained for each batch of steel tube comes into play, for stud, big mould pole, brace, weight within the 25 kg/m, and personnel operation, the small bar length of 1. It is advisable to 2 m, steel pipe should be straight, no rust, channel steel type 120 length should be 2. 5 m, should be flat with no rust. Xiamen hot galvanizing plate button contact poling
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