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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
In recent years, due to the rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the construction project with unprecedented scale and speed of development. As the past high-level, high-rise buildings have sprung up, for building scaffold outside the safe use of higher requirements are put forward. Scaffold in the erection, construction, operation risk factors in the use, easy to casualty accidents. Therefore, the scientific analysis is made of casualty accidents in construction scaffolding, it is necessary to find out the cause of the accident and countermeasure. 1 reason analysis of aspects in the process of construction, management personnel at all levels of illegal command is one of the causes of the accident. In addition, the guardian of dereliction of duty, the operator of illegal operation, can cause a lot of accidents. Especially the scaffolder engaged in scaffolding and dismantled scaffold, not according to stipulations correctly wear safety helmet and safety belt. Many people thinks' bold 'ecomax' people, the trouble, don't think wearing a helmet or not wearing a seatbelt, as long as careful I would be all right, the resulting fall accident happen. In addition, some poor operation personnel safety consciousness, or we may meet in the event of risk estimation, existing in the construction site safety protection such issue could not be found in time, can also lead to accidents. 2 the aspects of content scaffolding, they do not conform to the requirements of the specification. In the part of the construction site, the scaffolding is not standard phenomenon is common, one is non-standard scaffolding operational layer protection; Second, federated eye network, bonding weak level of pocket net, not according to stipulations set with blanket net layer and interlayer network; Three is the scaffolding set is not standard; Four is cantilever rack set is not standard, which could lead to the occurrence of casualty accidents. In addition, some scaffolding use inferior materials, stiffness can not meet the requirements, not necessary testing before use, will cause heavy casualties accidents. 3 safety management scheme of the scaffold erection and removal is not comprehensive, no specific safety technical disclosure. Project department attaches great importance to the construction site, ignore the phenomenon of information security management is common, the construction project shall be prepared special security technology scheme, clear scaffold erection and dismantling, foundation pit supporting, template engineering, temporary electricity utilization, tower crane, dismantling and other safety operation procedures. If you don't prepare the construction plan, or in combination with the practical situation of the construction site, not copy the standard, specification, inspection; Safety technical disclosure is still in 'entering the construction site must wear safety helmet' level, lack of pertinence; With personal experience in the process of engineering construction operation, will inevitably due to accidents and violation of operating procedures, technical specifications, causing heavy casualties accident. Safety management is another problem, the security check does not reach the designated position, failed to timely found potential accidents. In the set-up and dismantling of scaffolding and work on scaffolds during the casualty accidents, mostly problems such as violation of technical standards and operational procedures, but the construction site of the project manager, foreman, full-time security officer in the regular safety inspection peace inspection, failed to timely found the problem, or found the problem after the failed to timely rectification and correction, eventually lead to a number of major production accidents. Prevention countermeasures ( A) Strictly implement safety operation procedures of the scaffold erection and removal of scaffolding scaffolding layer protection requirements: 1 scaffolding operation layer shall be put with scaffolding plank, board with board between close, leave the metope of 120 ~ 150 mm; When the gap between operation layer scaffold board and building is more than 150 mm, the protective measures should be taken. Scaffolding shall generally be at least 2 layer, the upper layer for homework, lower for the protective layer. Only when setting a layer of scaffolding, should be in scaffold board sets along with the network layer. From the top job layer of the appropriate scaffold board down every 12 m spread a layer of scaffolding. Protective railings and foot: all should build poling inside out; On the rail epithelial height should be 1. 2米; Block foot height is 180 mm; Rail should be centered in the setting. Federated eye network, and network: scaffold outside poling inside, adopting dense mesh type safety net. Federated eye network must be conform to the requirements of the lashing, net around every 45 cm fastened on the scaffold tube. Building the first floor to set up the network, set up every three layer, operation layer consists of layer network. Blanket net will be adopted to meet the requirements of quality flat screen, and lashing fastened with no holes. Federated eye network, and pocket net seriously damaged, shall not be used.
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