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Mobile scaffolding application
The use of mobile scaffolding is huge! Don't underestimate the mobile scaffolding, it is indispensable when building a house, this product has many uses. 1. It is used for supporting roofs in buildings, halls, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc. or as the main support for flying models. 2. The use of mobile scaffolding accessories with simple roof trusses can form temporary construction site dormitory, warehouse or work shed. 3. It is used to set up temporary viewing platforms and grandstands, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly Mobile scaffolding advantages big collection 1. Ordinary workers can build scaffolding with bare hands, which is more convenient and fast 2. The maximum weight of a single piece does not exceed 20 kg, so it is very convenient to lift, disassemble and transport. High efficiency. Assembly and disassembly only need to be done by hand, which greatly improves efficiency. Mobile scaffolding is 1/2 time faster than fastener steel tube frame, and 2/3 time faster than bamboo scaffold. 3. At the same time, the safety of workers is guaranteed, and the operation at high altitude is more convenient. It provides a temporary storage point for construction materials; it provides a path for the horizontal transportation of materials at short distances at high altitude. steel ringlock scaffolding Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd also provides Steel Ringlock Scffolding, steel scaffolding, aluminum towers, etc. If customers have custom scaffolding needs, the Shizhan Group also has designers to provide you with custom scaffolding, We look forward to your contact. Tag: mobile scaffolding,Steel Ringlock Scffolding,Scaffolding customization
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Shizhan Group Guangzhou Branch has specialized in the production and sales of stand truss. The crowd control barrier series has become a hot product of Shizhan Group. we truss display is precisely accurate to the design specifications. It is compatible with most name brand truss products. This product is durable. Its stitching is secure and the inconspicuous area is free from bulk and is flat and smooth. It is manufactured by an ISO9001:2000 certified factory.
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