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Mobile scaffolding core point main profile can use 4 PM Beijing insulating glass fiber scaffold installation - folding mobile Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
The main points of the mobile scaffold can be summarized as 4 1. According to the height of the scaffold, using the general situation of the load and the installation site, scaffolding poling of foundation treatment and foundation treatment directly affects the stability of the scaffold for various reasons, the construction progress and construction process requirement is not reasonable, at the bottom of the building foundation and underground engineering backfill soil not according to the specification, not reached the requirements of scaffolding foundation bearing capacity. If nothing is done, the scaffold under long-term load will not be the foundation, especially after the rain, will cause serious uneven subsidence deformation and scaffolding, scaffolding collapse accident can cause serious damage. So we must ensure the quality of foundation treatment, to meet the requirements of the scaffolding foundation bearing capacity. Necessary measures should be taken to improve the scaffolding foundation stiffness. 2. At present, the foot to use phi 48 times; 3. 5 mm ordinary low carbon high frequency welded steel pipe, small cross section, poling scaffolding steel pipe and mobile scaffolding is the main force. Its effect is through the size of the railway will be the scaffold is passed on to the base, and loads the buffer board. In order to prevent the frame body tilt collapsed due to uneven ground steel, shall be determined according to the height of scaffolding installation poling foundation treatment method. Should be solid and reliable foundation for the first time. Every board thickness is not less than 50 mm, the length of the plate should be laid not less than 2 meters of less than 2 lever. Laying should be smooth, shall not be suspended. Scaffolding foundation applied to the pile. For example, reinforced concrete beam should not be used as the foundation pad only 3. Scaffolds should be set up around the drainage or concrete pouring of the apron if not set drainage facilities, slope in damp or wet, a lot of cement sand will be placed on the basis of scaffolding, and when loading, the soil becomes true and settlement. Scaffolding not uneven subsidence, cause serious deformation, inclined plane 4. Scaffold must be equipped with vertical and horizontal sweep pole baseband vertical scanning pole right-angle fastener and vertical pole not more than 20 cm horizontal pole of right-angle fastener is lower than the longitudinal scan pole of the vertical pole. When the vertical bar is not the same height, the height of the vertical scanning bar must be down. Two vertical bar on the vertical bar with the distance between the polar axis gradient of slope should be no less than 50 centimeters. Related hot topics: galvanized door scaffold
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