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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
Sunshine with aerial work phone number: 18420150310 mobile scaffolding wuhan industrial truckle to protect the ground trace the construction of personnel need to often move the construction surface, traditional scaffolding fixed after hard to move. Mobile scaffolding wuhan industrial casters arises at the historic moment, which are widely used in wall construction. Which the wheels of the mobile scaffolding just like people's feet, the importance of the unpredictable. Scaffolding, used in the process of the wheel, what need to be aware of? Universal wheel bearing design can satisfy the scaffolding in any direction; Stamping welding type brake design, can satisfy the brake rotating roof and wheels, ensure that the scaffold can be anywhere at any time to be able to stop. Good applications without regular inspection and correct installation, you must be prepared to work in the process of application, ensure that the details is not a problem, provide guarantee for the smooth scaffold application. Wheels in the process of the application of, will find that the same wheels are industrial products, some are easy to rust, some are hard to rust. Why will appear this kind of phenomenon? The wheel rust and what factors? Wanda here and everyone together to know the secrets of your wheels under the rust. I found by experiment: water and oxygen is to make the scaffolding of wuhan industrial casters are easy to rust. Light has water won't rust castor, only when the oxygen dissolved in the water in the air, oxygen in water environment and castor chemical reactions occur, will generate something called oxidation castor, this is the wheel rust. Castor is a substance of palm red rust, not as hard as the wheels, it is easy to fall off. A wheel after rust completely, the volume can be increased 8 times. If the wheels don't remove the rust, the spongy wheels rust is particularly easy to absorb moisture, the wheels also rust faster this way, you can take measures to effectively prevent the wheels the wheels of the rusted damp places than the wheels of the dry place more easy to rust, because in the wheels of the damp places more easily than dry place of the wheel in contact with the water. And the paint wheels products is not easy to rust because of the paint have the effect of isolation from the air and water. And if you want to reduce the wheel rust, can from the conclusion of experiment, arbitrary cut off one of the conditions of rusty. If paint above and then cut off contact of the wheel and the air. And put some wheels products such as kitchen knife dry after use and kept in dry places, you can cut off wheel and water contact, thus preventing the wheel products rust. In the sunshine aerial work
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