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Mobile scaffolding safety increasingly concerned - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
As people increasingly concerned about the safety of mobile scaffold and labor costs rose sharply, aluminum alloy scaffolding platform is gradually accepted by the public. ” Domestic professional aluminum alloy scaffolding business director, said: & quot; At present, aluminum alloy scaffolding is comparatively mature in Europe and the United States and other developed areas, have strict related to design, manufacture, testing standards, the domestic market is developing gradually, but the situation is, aluminum alloy scaffolding mixed with dragon fish market, counterfeit, copy the many products. Many no qualification and production experience manufacturers, such as the ladder rack gear, stage equipment, small elevator, etc. , in line with & quot; Seize the opportunities & quot; Thought, production and sales of aluminum alloy scaffolding, not the quality and safety standards, resulting in a large number of security products flood the market. Although much cheaper than general professional brand product, but these aluminum alloy scaffolding can not reach the standard, quality is relatively poor, security cannot be guaranteed. Ordinary buyers don't know how to walk, are easy to be confused at a low price. Industry experts pointed out that the scaffold is mainly suitable for buildings, road transport, cleaning, and other fields, is a high risk of aerial work, in the event of accident, it is easy to cause very serious consequences, so buy and choose the scaffold has become particularly important. Scaffold and the kinds of materials on the market at present, however, a lot, compared with scaffolding, steel tube scaffold of bamboo and wood, aluminum alloy scaffolding can ensure the smooth progress of the operator's safety and engineering, improve efficiency and cost savings.
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