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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
1 purpose this procedure used to guide the user operation and correct use of scaffolding. 2 scope of this procedure is applicable to guide the safe operation and use of the company mobile scaffold. 3 3 safety operation procedures. 1 scaffolding before using routine check, according to the following requirements by the safety personnel designated by the manager can be put into use after fill in the inspection list: 3. 1. 1 check confirm caster wheel and brake normally; 3. 1. 2 check all door frame no rust, no welding, no deformation, no damage; 3. 1. 3 check the crossbars no rust, no deformation, no damage; 3. 1. Check all 4 fittings connection is firm, no deformation, no damage; 3. 1. Check the pedals 5 no rust, no deformation, no damage; 3. 1. 6 check security fence installation is firm, no corrosion, no deformation, no damage. 3. 2 scaffolding workers must wear non-slip shoes, jeans, fasten your seat belt, high low with, secured all fasteners; 3. 3 all staff to the construction site must wear safety helmet, fasten the belt of hubei, lock buckle; 3. 4 shelf operation personnel shall make good division of labor coordination, pass on the items or grasp the gravity pull items, smooth operation; 3. 5 workers should match toolkit, prohibit the tools on the shelf, in case you fall from; 3. 6 do not pile up on the shelf material, along with it, in case of improper placement hurt; 3. 7 in the process of construction, the ground will try to avoid standing in May fall area; 3. 8 it is forbidden to play when working, playing, and lay down; 3. 9 it is forbidden to drink, it is strictly prohibited to high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, such as acrophobia is not suitable for high homework personnel on frame construction; 3. 10 the scaffold construction period should be set up the warning line and warning signs ( The construction personnel, no admittance) ; 3. 11 it is forbidden to dismantle during use is associated with rack shelf of any bar, if must be pulled down, must have the approval of the competent leadership; 3. 12 scaffolding operations to lock the casters, prevent moving, up and down with ropes pass objects and tools. 3. 13 movable scaffolding shall not above the height of 5 meters; 3. 14 scaffold after use, shall deposit in a designated place; 3. 15 it is forbidden to use unqualified scaffold; 3. Without the approval of the competent leadership of 16 strangers shall not be used without authorization.
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