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by:Shizhan     2020-06-27
The stage lighting is the soul of the stage. Stage of Swiss artist defended the said: 'music visual equivalent alone, only music and light can show all the inner nature of representation. 'Light' musical, 'light' melody ', has been noticed by many others widely in recent years, and rise to a kind of rational knowledge. Defended the o said again: 'was the stage art of palette, light is the soul of the theater. 1. Last stage space parts in picture frame, the curtain as the background environment performance show. The height and width is greater than the mouth size, usually can, according to the needs of performance to design it into flat screen or arc wide screen. 2. Act toward the audience inside, available day lighting lamp, lantern and other top colors or projection image, and the whole stage space form an integral part of the picture. Take the white thin canvas as the material, color white, light absorption performance is good. 3. Light color separation, inherently contains the musicality. 'Light of light and movement are the two elements of light color to produce musical. Stage lighting design and operation, the understanding of its musicality and processing is the key to the works of sublimation. Zhou Zhengping inherent in the lighting design in the pursuit of drama expression of emotion and the typical three-dimensional lighting effect, broke through the dimensional feeling of picture frame stage. A lifting movie screens, 1 light bridge and the infinite uniform expansion unfolds machine 1 set. Through our many years experience of using derrick mechanical stage, we think of taizhou changjiang river, film and television engineering equipment products, the most stable performance, safety is the most reliable, are being used by hundreds of the theatre. Truss should start from the base fixed stage, to ensure that a pillar and base firmly, others also should pay attention to other parts of cohesion, good connection between the parts to be fixed, so there is no problem on the stability, and the design of some beams also need designers experience is enough, otherwise even if is established, as well as safety hazards may occur, so the going on stage time must pay attention to the building process and details, so you can put a beautiful stage, on other hardware design, also should pay attention to the arrangement of the decorative items don't beyond bearing or saddle point is not in the internal frame structure.
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