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Movement speed by scaffolding safety measures when moving speed in the process of building by scaffolding have efficient mobile scaffold scaffold - door Jiangsu S

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Set up in the process of moving speed by scaffolding need to consider what security measures. We give our answer below. When the mobile tower, always take care needed to ensure that building will continue to stand upright. Pay special attention to the need to take mobile scaffold towers in rough surface, because it may cause it to fall. No equipment should be placed on a scaffold platform at the same time, you are moving. If the equipment belong to it can damage or harm the people standing in the following, and the weight of the equipment can also be less powerful mobile speed after the scaffold. Tower should always be together for the construction of the suspected climate conditions. Serious concern, the strong winds should be taken, because this may lead to mobile speed mobile scaffolding and bending. If the building does not have enough high purpose, rather than a set-up for height and structure. Insert box or on top of the ladder or any heavy equipment moving speed by scaffolding get extra height is very dangerous. The above is our for mobile scaffolding safety measures to make the simple introduction of speed, our aim is protect everyone use mobile scaffolding safety in the process of speed, you are welcome to inquire.
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