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'Multi-purpose' truss

by:Shizhan     2020-05-14
In the field of advertising equipment, the truss is a multi-purpose advertising equipment, from ordinary outdoor advertising racks to complex display sheds, truss can be built. If it is an aluminum alloy truss, you can also build a simple stage lighting stand and hang a few small lights! Truss Display Shed (Real Estate Watch House Activity) Someone once said that one horizontal and one vertical is a cross, and many crosses together are truss. The easy construction of truss has a great influence on the application of truss, especially when advertisers need truss for multiple purposes. So, in the eyes of stage truss manufacturers, to what extent can the truss be multi-purpose? What are the factors that determine the use of truss? From the perspective of Jiangsu Decoration Industry, unless the wrong construction method causes the truss to deform, there are not many factors that affect the scope of use of the truss. Wrong construction methods are very common in the daily application of truss, especially as more advertisers become more familiar with truss, they will become less concerned about it. Do you think it is better to simply build it? For example, if you build a 6-meter-wide truss advertising frame, you do n’t need any supporting rods. After a long time, the truss will be deformed by external forces and will naturally deform, affecting the use of the advertising frame. Beyond a certain span, the truss display shed also needs supporting rods. In fact, the truss is not a universal oil, it is only an industrial manufactured product, and it has limitations in use. For example, aluminum alloy truss products are much stronger than ordinary galvanized truss in terms of strength and hardness. And some people use galvanized truss as an aluminum alloy truss, how can the truss not be damaged? Therefore, before you buy a truss, you must clearly distinguish the purpose of the future. If you have multiple uses, you need to buy an aluminum alloy truss of good quality and aluminum alloy material!
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