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Multiple departments jointly issued' On high-risk industries safety skills upgrading action plan of the implementation opinions 】 - Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Emergency management department, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, state administration of coal mine safety five departments recently jointly issued 'on high-risk industries safety skills improve action plan implementation opinion' and 'how to make up for the high risk industry practitioners overall quality and how to use the standard safety products', the relevant departments in charge for the interpretation of the department of emergency management. In the first three quarters of stable general situation of production safety, but safety production situation is still grim and complex, of major accidents in construction, transportation and other minority industry relatively concentrated in some areas, in some parts of the major accident is relatively concentrated in the October holiday return to work. In the fourth quarter, some industry into the production peak season, winter climate conditions will affect the safety in production, all kinds of security risks will be intertwined, so as to guard against and defuse significant security risks. Countless facts in our real life tells us that any neglect safety behavior will pay a painful price. Every day in the world, safety accident, the car, overload, speeding, running red lights are on. Production units to cut corners in violation of regulations; Public service site safety norms and other ignore security conditions, safety accidents followed, so must be careful when choosing the scaffold. 1, take various forms to improve the project managers, construction technology, management cadres at various levels, as well as the construction site management personnel's safety knowledge, adhere to the 'safety first, prevention first' production safety policy, firmly establish the concept of 'safety first, quality first'. By building high quality construction and structure, in order to ensure the safety of people's life and property safety civilization construction, guarantee the project smoothly. 2, absolutely can't ignore the earthwork construction safety technical measures for earthwork construction is often overlooked, if it is the ground construction, scaffold should set up the basic construction of support, the design of foundation pit depth more than 5 meters with special support, to ensure slope stability, mining sequence. Homework personnel must strictly abide by rules of safe operation effectively deal with groundwater, often check slope and support, and found that the abnormal timely measures should be taken to the supporting facilities of demolition, shall, in accordance with the provisions of the construction organization design. 3, it is necessary to strengthen the on-site inspection in a timely manner to correct illegal structures, and to eliminate hidden dangers, prevent all kinds of collapse must abide by the safety inspection institutionalized, standardization, security director should be regularly check and correct mistakes in time, and record daily inspection maintenance of good scaffold. 4, strict enforcement of construction engineering design, shall comply with the provisions of the state of the construction safety rules and technical specifications, to ensure the safety of the project performance, it is strictly prohibited without card design, strictly forbid to change design, at the same time it is strictly prohibited strictly prohibited during the design and construction design of the safety and reliability. To attaches great importance to the management of the labor force, we must strictly implement the provisions of the act of construction contracting institutions shall be forbidden to subcontract the project to not appropriately qualified units, banned the subcontract project subcontractors. To strengthen the construction of safety investment, the safety of the construction of a high-quality management team, to do a good job of safety construction, prevent collapse. To put forward new and higher requirements of the safety management team, to correct the violation, eliminate hidden dangers, the purpose of accident prevention.
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