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Municipal engineering construction scaffolding, general safety technical disclosure bH29 - In mianyang, where there is hot galvanizing plate buckles manufacturers - Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy

by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Mianyang, where there is hot galvanizing plate buckle contact telephone: 18420150310 1. In urban areas, residential areas and other human activities and travel sites, outside the outer edge of the steel pipe scaffold should be blocked. 2. Scaffolding pitched before check bar and its accessories, confirm qualified. It is strictly prohibited to use unqualified bar and its accessories. 3. Scaffold height more than 40 m, and when there is wind vortex, should be taken to fight rising flow effect even wall measures. 4. Scaffolding stopped after a long time, use must be carried out on the rack body check before acceptance, confirmation of qualified, and documented. 5. Scaffold erection is completed, must carry out quality inspection, experienced, qualified and form file, before delivery. 6. Scaffolding must be set up and down ramps, ladder climbing facilities such as climbing facilities should be strengthened, and connected to the scaffolding is firm. 7. Scaffolds should be used according to the rules even wall connected to other structures, during the period of use shall not dismantle scaffolds shall not be connected to the template scaffold. 8. Wind band 6 and above, high temperature, heavy rain, snow, fog, dust storms, such as bad weather, should stop outdoor scaffolding, demolition and other operations. 9. Operators build-up and dismantling scaffolding, shelves must command by designated personnel. Controllers shall be the operation skill of higher scaffolder. Must wear safety helmet when working, wearing a seatbelt, wearing non-slip shoes. 10. Scaffolding set-up and dismantle scaffolder must by shelf operators must by the professional training and exam, hold relevant certificates, and regular physical examination, the operators, not suitable for high scaffolding work may be undertaken. 11. Scaffolding set-up, must cooperate with construction schedule an erection height should not exceed more than even the wall adjacent set-up step, two step every body quality should be checked according to relevant regulations, found that more than allowable deviation value, must be corrected immediately. 12. Operation platform and ramps edge must be set in the protective railings and baseboard, protective railings and feet should be positioned in the vertical rod inside protective railing must be set up two, on the high bar should be 1. 2 m, the stem should be 70 cm high block foot height should not be less than 18 cm. 13. Console scaffold should be the basis of a solid, smooth, no water, meet the requirements of scaffolding load design value, the vertical bar at the bottom of the plate should be set up and longitudinal, swept the ground rod when scaffold pitched on the structures, deal with the structure bearing capacity calculation, confirm the safety. 14. During the use of scaffolding, shall regularly check, maintenance, intact near the frame body and its mining operations are strictly prohibited strictly forbid dismantle the frame body bar and fittings need to be temporarily removed part of the bar, must upon the approval of the competent department in advance and reinforcement measures are taken, and documented. 15. Under special circumstances, due to the constraints, the scaffold when crossing the road, the staff activity place, should be in upright medial hanging safety net in the scaffold across a range of road must be positioned above the protective shed shed must be strong, tight, its height should not be less than 3 m, width should not be less than wide shelf. 16. Floor structure on the scaffolding operation platform construction load should not be more than 3 kn/m2 floor decoration scaffolding work platform and the construction load on the ramps should not be more than 2 kn/m2 cantilever scaffold and hanging basket scaffold construction load should not be more than 1 kn/m2 special scaffold construction load shall not exceed the construction design regulations, shall not be overloaded, shall not be concentrated on scaffolds stack template, steel and other materials are strictly forbidden to wind rope, tied on scaffolds cable erection of concrete pump, pump pipe and lifting equipment, etc. 17. Operation platform of scaffolding must be within the scope of the scaffold width covered, spread, away from the wall shall not be greater than 20 cm. Over 3 m high, the level of operation platform should be set out on scaffolding safety net or in its next be put with scaffolding plank protection layer set level safety net, double bent frame between the medial and metope is not welded wire mesh, can be laid with planks. 18. Power below the overhead line set-up scaffolding shall not, on its side when the erection must conform to the requirements. 19. After the completion of the project, does not need scaffold should be removed in time, and shall meet the following requirements 1 casting rods and accessories shall be strictly prohibited. 2 it is strictly prohibited to knock, hard pull rod parts and accessories. Demolition of 3 bar, the classification of the parts should be packed neatly, in a timely manner. 4 demolition of working in the field should be set up, the border security signs, and by the people unattended, the workers keep out. 5 demolition work should be carried out step by step a top-down, it is forbidden to upper and lower operation at the same time, the piecewise demolition, the difference shall not be more than two steps. 6 even long wall piece, level pole and bridging, etc, must be removed in the scaffold to the corresponding parts can dismantle free cantilever rack body height shall not exceed two steps. In mianyang, where there is hot dip galvanized plate buckle manufacturer
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