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by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Jiangsu scaffolding leasing, operators need to the professional technical training, and obtain the license after tested for their qualifications to operation. Should be set on scaffolding scaffolding operations are strictly forbidden to overload, overload protection device. Shall not be used with super-long scaffolding instruction specifications. Homework, scaffold below it is forbidden to stand, it is forbidden to cross homework. In addition, in the fog, rain, snow and other inclement weather conditions can't use the jiangsu scaffolding leasing; The essence of gust wind speed is greater than 8. 3m/s( Equivalent to level 5 wind) The operating personnel are not allowed to be on the suspension platform; Rental scaffolding scaffolding shall be used for night construction. Construction and above 50 meters high operation should be adopted for construction curtain wall installation of scaffolding, scaffolding installation, disassembly scheme should be incorporated into the building curtain wall installation engineering plan and by experts, can be implemented. 

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