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Need to know before leaving town for the jiangsu construction scaffolding does jiangsu construction scaffolding does jiangsu scaffold construction scaffolding - Jiangsu Shizhan feet

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Jiangsu construction scaffolding before evacuation need what are the preparatory work, in order to ensure all work smoothly and the safety of life, and the following is our detail. Comprehensive review of jiangsu construction scaffolding fasteners connection, even the wall parts, supporting system is in line with the construction requirements; According to test results complement construction scheme and measures in the removal of order, after the approval of the competent department in charge of their implementation; By engineering construction, head of the removal of technical clarificaiton in peace; Removal of scaffolding sundry and ground obstacles. Removal should be removed when work shall be carried out step by step a top-down, forbidden and homework at the same time; Need with scaffolding removal step by step, even the wall is strictly forbidden to connect a whole wall layer or layers of removal and then dismantled scaffold, section removal elevation difference should not be greater than 2 steps, such as greater than 2 step should be to establish even the wall a reinforcement; When jiangsu construction scaffolding down to the height of the bottom after a long post, should be set-up temporary cast in place after the reinforcement, and remove the wall; When scaffold section, division face demolition, for the preservation of jiangsu construction scaffolding, on both ends shall be in accordance with the regulations set even wall and lateral brace reinforcement; All the components are strictly prohibited thrown to the ground. For the preparing work before construction scaffolding to evacuate temporarily in jiangsu is introduced here, hopes to be helpful for you to understand the jiangsu construction scaffolding.
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