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Need to pay attention to matters - before stage of truss structures Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-27
Company set up 10 years, has been in line with the principle of 'quality is the foundation of the enterprise' business purpose, adhere to the 'to the quality strives for the survival, to the credibility of development, with the brand tree' benchmarking for quality policy, open market unceasingly, the positive innovation. Company always remember 'the development innovation, the good faith management, quality first' spirit of enterprise, strive to make the east China area 'high quality' brand! In this sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our factory, guidance and business negotiation! Stage of truss structures, as the third step of the construction of the whole stage, when we completed the construction of the stage is only part of the stage, and the next stage should be designed, it is the core part of the stage, also can saying is a key part of the show, stage design is & quot; Stage 'for the design of the subject matter, more specifically to equipment, lighting, curtain, sound, stage props suspension and replace the bracket. If is to want to do a stage, that is, everyone's goals, the starting point is the same, just different because of different perceptions of aluminum alloy truss, cognitive method to generate what concrete roads or disagreement. So, such differences is inevitable. Must let the hotel manager first before set up together with you to check the site, if there is a scratch or seedy area suggest to take some photos, in one thousand, or the customer return the deposit, hotel might be mistaken for damage and clasp your customer deposit, actually equals to deduct your money, don't eat a dumb. Stage to the stage's location into consideration. For many campaigns, the stage is not just a platform, but need to attract the attention of the public in the form of the stage, cause wider publicity, this activity is about to repeat the stage set up in local city strip, or famous places. The stage's location to help participants gathered and evacuation. Because in many business activities need to have a large number of participants, the stage itself is about to consider the traffic problem of the participants, only fast and convenient traffic can display activities to attract the audience as much as possible, so as to achieve the effect of the stage itself to achieve.
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