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Need to pay attention to what issues - dismantled scaffold Jiangsu quality single pole plate buckles type aluminum alloy scaffolding - Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding factory

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Jiangsu quality single pole plate buckles type aluminum alloy scaffolding contact phone number: 184201503101, outside the frame removed before assembling, head of the project by the unit concerned personnel to conduct a comprehensive inspection of scaffold project and the visa confirmation, building construction, and don't need to use the scaffold shall be dismantled. 2, dismantle scaffold shall set up alerts, hanging eye-catching warning signs, scaffolding leasing company prohibit the operation personnel to traffic and ground construction personnel can do it, and has the specialist is responsible for the alert. 3, long standing pole, the removal of diagonal should be conducted by two people cooperate, should not be separate operation, should check whether the work is firm, should be added a temporary fixed support when necessary, to prevent the accident. 4, before the demolition of an outer layer should be opening on the remaining materials to remove debris, according to the top-down split after loading first, after the first open order. 5, dismantle order: safety net - kick bar - protective railings to bracing, foot hand piece - joist pole - even the wall pole - the main rail - small rail - poling, top-down, step by step, not step type is adopted, no upper and lower operation at the same time. 6, in case of strong wind, rain, snow, such as climate, outside the frame cannot be removed. 7, remove the steel pipe and fasteners should be classified and piled high casting shall be strictly prohibited. Scaffolding leasing company: jiangsu quality single pole plate buckles type aluminum alloy scaffolding
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